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Fundraising For Residual Cash

Apr 28th 2012 at 2:06 PM

George Zimmerman raises $204,000 in two weeks!
Can anyone do this? The answer is yes!

It is completely legal to give anyone cash no matter how much. Fundraising has been around for a long long time and is one of the best way's to get the cash you need for anything, like starting a business, charities, schools, churches, political ventures and more.Example site:

But what about the individual that needs cash to pay bills like, insurance, car payments, credit card bills, mortgage payments and even food to feed the family. Yes that's what a JOB (Just Over Broke) is for but in this economy lots of folks are having a real hard time just keeping a roof over their heads.

Do you have Aflac? just in case you can't work and pay your bills? No? Is your medical insurance good enough to cover you if you really need it? Everyone needs to have money or insurance to cover expenses lets face it, life is expensive and unless your making lots of money you to are in need of extra cash.

When you pay your insurance do you get that money back? Or does some big insurance company hold that money you've been paying in till you need it when some tragedy happens. How often do you really ever see that money...

Here's the solution - Direct PalPay! This company allows you to build your own income security and you get to keep all the MONEY! How much do you spend out of your paycheck every month for insurance and basic living expenses, $200, 500, $1000 ... What if you could build your own personal insurance network that gives you the cash you need to pay for everything and more. Is this possible? Yes!

There are millions of people online starting new internet businesses and trying to make some extra money by selling everything under the sun from advertising to e-books, business opportunities ect.. and that's fine but its getting pretty thick out in cyberspace with everybody doing the same thing.

Direct PalPay - The Income Solution Network, can help you build an unlimited supply of much needed RESIDUAL income. The concept is very simple but EXTREMELY powerful you can even enroll for FREE. Direct PalPay is a monthly subscription membership that pay's you $100 every month for each member that subscribes to the membership using your ID. With just 10 subscribing members your income is $1000 per month. The hardest part of Direct PalPay is your decision to do it... Check it out.

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