Free Tips for Achieving Success with Your Website

Sep 10th 2010 at 6:20 AM

So, you have made a website and started promoting it using social media, forums, blogs, article writing etc. You still wonder, why the heck I am not making good money?

Transform your small or home based online business by integration of keyword optimized web design, SEO, traffic generation & affiliate marketing to earn money. There are only a few businesses and more websites. As per estimates, now there are more than a 100 million sites on the internet!

Let us start with the basics. You are aware, generally, the following steps go into the business of website creation:

1. Choose/Research the topic of your website.

2. Register a domain name.

3. Select a web host & Email account.

4. Build your web pages.

5. Publish your web pages.

6. Promote your site to attract web traffic.

7. Monetize your website.

8. Update your website.

Is a website a must? Now-a-days, you hear the Gurus suggesting making money without a website. Is it tenable? I strongly feel such methods are short-lived. It’s better to have an address (url) which over the years helps yielding advantage of trustworthiness and credibility.

Coming to the eight steps outlined above, many are tempted to make more number of sites expecting to multiply their income. Unfortunately, this leads to more problems since promotion of the sites takes a toll and drains your energy. It must be understood that not all jobs can be performed by an individual. It needs expert help in some areas.

The basic problems

1. How to find niche markets?

2. How to dominate web traffic?

3. How to update content?

Finding an optimum solution to the above three questions determine your online home business success!

What’s my niche market?

You are your own niche! The prevalent practice is to carry on with others’ businesses like what everyone is doing, what others are suggesting, somebody else’s money making formula, affiliate marketing etc. Everyone is an expert, as Seth Godin says. You have to write down what you are good at. And believe (strongly) that there are many like you. This is the secret of a successful business.

Build a Business, Not a Website

People tend to think they can make huge money from their online home business website. But most people ignore the basic aspect – you can earn more from your business than from a website. A website needs web traffic driven with a lot of effort and energy whereas a business drives by itself provided it’s competitive.

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