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FREE Pdf "Newbies Beware" by Eddy Rush Has Something For All Of Us

Sep 13th 2010 at 8:28 PM

Minasan (everyone) hello from sunny Yokohama..the weather tends to be great here in September and October so I am in an up beat mood and hope you will join me.

Perhaps most of you don't really fancy yourselves to be Newbies so I may be pushing beer up hill but you really will enjoy perusing Eddy Rush's FREE pdf and the wonder of it is Newbies Beware does Not contain any affiliate links which goes along way in my pdf [book] to stamping Eddy Rush as an honest bloke. Actually we use a hanko here in Japan to verify our signature but that's another hon (book) altogether ; - ).

To be clear, I have not purchased Eddy's signature product, Guru Buddy mainly because his training focuses on how you can become become a pro customer rep for online gurus and offline businesses.

Its a viable niche to be sure, and Guru Buddy is probably  a great way to set up your online monthly income foundation so feel free to check it out as I feel good about Eddy generally but my concern is time drain away from all my other spinning plates online.

Anyway, back to the heart of the pdf... the reason to check it out is two fold: first, the layout, graphics and tone is superb and secondly Eddy suggests a wonderful mindset resource.

To reveal or not reveal that is the question. Ok, since I know you will follow my advise and spend a moment on Eddy's blog at: http://edwardrush.com/ to download Newbies Beware I don't have to spoil the fun.

Please look for a Red Cover on page 11. I'd say this resource matches Napoleon Hill or Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn..its just delicious mind candy!

Best wishes to my fellow IMfaceplaters & let me know if your plans call for a sojurn in Tokyo. We can always have a Kirin (giraffe) or a glass of good wine..sorry I am not into drinking sake. We might be up for exporting it to the U.S. or Europe though if anyone is seriously interested.

HAL GG/cashstack



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May 30th 2014 at 4:27 AM by n0dvg
great advide keep up the good work helping other's success.

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