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The MLM Rock Star | demarcusdavenport
Wow!!! It has been like one year ago since I have been here on IM faceplate. I was one of the ones who joined early in 2010 I believe. I have to make a bunch of new updates here on my faceplate.Thanks

*** Free Money & New Text Message Advertising Source***

Jul 2nd 2010 at 9:30 PM

A friend of mine, whom I've known and worked with in the past
decade, has contacted me over the weekend regarding a unique venture
that's about to launch online.

He was contacted by his friend who owns a major advertising agency
with clients like Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola.

My friend and myself are among a very small group of network marketers
he has shared this with before it is released to the masses. He is
giving us, and now I'm giving you a HUGE head start on mass marketing
campaigns to millions.

YOU will be able to sponsor heavy hitters who normally hear about
these things first.

Sign up one player who has a big list and you will be set for many
months and years to come!

NONE of them even know this exists or you would have already received
an email from them!

You are one of the first in North America to hear about this and I
promise you that you have never seen anything like this.

Imagine getting paid each time you receive a text message about
things you have interest in.

Our company pays you each time you receive a text message about a
product service or local business you have interest in. Most offers
will invite you to get insider savings, discounts and freebies the
general public will never know about.

Now imagine getting paid each time someone you refer receives a text

Our company pays you when anyone you refer receives a text message
when anyone they refer receives a text message and everyone they
refer through 6 levels of referrals!

Now imagine getting paid each time a business you refer sends an
advertising text message.

If you choose you can share the program with business owners and get
paid a residual income each time they pay their monthly fee to access
the network.

As an added bonus you will also get paid every time they send out
text ads for as long as they are a member! This could add up to
hundreds of dollars per business and there is no limit to the number
of businesses you can refer.

Now imagine this not costing you one cent to join, no monthly fee
no website fees nada, zip!

Enroll now and make sure to register your cell phone...

So what's the potential here.

Business owners across the country are realizing the power of text
message advertising and are spending hundreds of thousands to do it.
Ninety five percent of all text message are ready within 30 seconds.

Over 60% of the people who own cell phones use text messaging and 75%
of the people who purchase cell phones buy them so they can send and
receive text messages.

You can immediately position yourself to get a piece of the action.
You can discontinue the service at anytime but let me ask you a question.

Would you ever stop someone from putting money in your bank account?

This is the easiest business you will ever promote.

Each time you receive a text message caching, you get paid! Each time
anyone you refer receives a text message, they get paid and you get paid.

When you refer just 6 others in your first week and everyone does the
same you will be receiving over $200.00 per day starting in 7 weeks if
everyone received just 1 text message per day!

That's an income of over $6,000.00 per month with NO money out of
your pocket EVER!

I'll let you do the math to see how much you would earn if everyone
received 2 or 3 text messages per day.

The potential here is astronomical.

This is one venture I can guarantee people you know will be contacting
you about if you don't join and contact them first!

if you act fast you can be getting paid off of hundreds, thousands
or even tens of thousands of text messages that are sent out monthly
weekly and daily!

We have a short window of time before the masses find out about this.
Get positioned and start building a team a.s.a.p!

The faster the network grows, the faster the advertisers start paying
and the faster we get paid!

Enroll below:

And don't forget to register your cellphone :-)

Have A Great Week!

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