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1 month ago

FREE MLM Training - Spillover Is BS, Not Easy Money At Home!

Oct 16th 2011 at 6:02 AM

A lot of people think spillover is good, it's not! It is not your fault that YOU think this way. It is designed this way by the company that is promoting this to people. We can look at it two ways, and I will be discussing it here.

Number One: The companies that are promoting it are setting people up for failure, because they are telling you, do nothing and you will get paid. What a crock that is! It sickens me to see people falling for this. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Everybody is waiting on this spillover to happen and what's really happening, people are doing nothing. No one is making any money. Pretty soon they finally see that nothing is happening and now they go and sign up for some other program.

I have seen people promoting a different program everyday, they are not making any money, because how can they when they are jumping on every thing they see on the internet. They have NO FOCUS because they can't keep track of all those programs they are promoting. They wouldn't know a good business if it was staring them right in the face. They are to busy signing up for these free programs that promises the world and they don't realize what they are doing, which is spinning their wheels and messing up their reputation because people that do know better won't even look their way.

Number Two: When you sign up with these companies, you have to give them your contact information, such as your name and email address (sometimes they even want your phone number, etc.). Think about this for a minute, what do you think they are doing....BUILDING A LIST!

They are building a database of names, and then when a real business opportunity comes along they will be emailing you to tell you all about it, so they can get you in the deal. Or they can take your information and sell it and make a nice profit. This is true and it happens everyday when you see companies promoting spillover. Spillover is targeting lazy people, they don't want you to do anything. They are just collecting your information because that is their purpose in the first place. This is someone's bright ideal of building their list, and it is working because people fall for this and they sign up when they see "Spillover." Now they begin telling all there friends on the social sites about it, so they can sign up for this obvious fraud because that's all it is.

There is NO easy money, NO quick cash and it's surely no residual income. What is it?


I truly hope that I have gotten my point across to you. STOP IT!

STOP falling for this line of BS beause that's all it is.

All YOU must do, is become edcuated and get the skills and training to find a business opportunity that will pay you fairly so you can create that residual income you desire. To my knowledge, there is one way to do this. Network marketing is the industry where you can build a team of people working together for the same goal, and that is how you can have residual income.

If you lack the skills and training, then your problem is about to be solved because I can provide this to you at no cost. I will be your mentor and take you through the steps to have success in network marketing. Getting educated is the KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS!

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Oct 16th 2011 at 6:14 AM by PaulSchaecker
Very good article, thanks for sharing Terri

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