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Free Macbook Pro Tricks to getting a Free Macbook Pro from Apple!

Mar 24th 2011 at 5:52 AM

Free Macbook Pro Tricks to getting a Free Macbook Pro from Apple!

Free Macbook Pro Guide


Did you know that you can get a Free MacBook Pro from Apple? Many of the major TV networks have proven this legitimate, including CNN, NBC and G4TV. Thousands of people have received Free Xbox 360s, Free iPods and Free iPhones – Now you can get a Free MacBook Pro! If you follow the steps that I outline below, you will get your Free MacBook Pro from the MegaFreebie or Kudos network. You can do as hundreds of others have before you and start earning your Free MacBook Pro offer today!

How do I get a Free MacBook Pro?
Chances are, you think that this is a scam and that you won’t get your Free Mac Book Pro. You’ve heard stories from friends about these “scams” and how they make you fill out hundreds of surveys and buy expensive products. There are freebie sites like those that are insane, but I have researched these websites and found one where you only have to complete ONE easy trial offer to get your free Macintosh laptop! You don’t have to complete any surveys or expensive offers, just one simple trial. Checkout the Freebie Proof if you want to see proof that you can get free gifts from freebie sites like MegaFreebie. You can see real people just like you who have received their free MacBooks. Step 1: Sign up for your Free MacBook Pro
Sign up using the link below to get your Free MacBook Pro. This site has sent out hundreds of free gifts to people such as Free HDTVs and Free Laptops and I’ve verified that it really works. Sign up to get a Free MacBook Pro There are also other prizes on the freebie site that you can choose from. They offer Free Dell Laptops, ThinkPads, and many other laptops. When you sign up, make sure that you use real information. Do not sign up with a fake address because then they won’t know where to ship your Free MacBook Pro! You can, however, create a new email address at GMail or Yahoo so that you don’t have to use your personal one. That’s the only variation you should make from your real information. Sometimes they check phone numbers to verify shipping details. You don’t want to not get your laptop just because you put in a fake phone number. The only reason people don’t get the free stuff is because they try to scam the freebie companies and give them fake information. Don’t do this. Step 2: Complete an offer
You will be taken to a page with trial offers of products after you sign up. You must then select one that you’re interested in. A lot of people usually stop here and decide not to complete the freebie site for their Free MacBook Pro, but this part is really easy. They are almost all easy to complete and cost less than $10 or FREE, so just pick one that you’re interested in. You only have to complete one offer. Don’t skip this step. You must complete an offer to get your Free MacBook Pro. Step 3: Refer your friends
This part used to be more difficult, but with the popularity of Free MacBook sites and with the help of social media websites such as MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter, recruiting referrals has never been easier. You don’t have to rely on friends you know in real life. There’s tons of people online who are looking for Free MacBook Pros, so you can refer them. You can either trick people into signing up under you, convince them to sign up under you, or pay them to sign up under you.
Rules to follow Make sure that you follow these rules. Breaking these rules is the only reason people don’t get their Free MacBook Pro.
    Only one account per household Don’t use a public computer/internet access (such as library) Use real information Complete an offer only once. You cannot complete the same offer multiple times on different freebie sites.
Help and support If you have questions or need help, please post below and I will respond. It may take me a few days, but I will help you in any way that I can.
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Apr 23rd 2011 at 6:20 PM by TimRR
interesting, will look into it futher

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