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Four Tips for Creating Irresistible Headlines

Mar 23rd 2014 at 8:39 PM

There are great products in every niche. You probably know people in your niche who are making a lot of money selling products that you also promote. But while they sell those products, you struggle to sell them. Why? “What are they doing that I’m not?” you ask yourself in frustration. Answer? They’re creating irresistible headlines.

You can also create irresistible headlines. You want headlines that grab the attention of those who visit your squeeze or sales pages. Once you have their attention, they’ll read through your sales material and act on your recommendations.

Following are four tips for creating irresistible headlines.

TIP #1: Your Headline Must Answer the Most Important Question

What’s the single most important question on your prospect’s mind when landing on your sales page? “What’s in it for me?” That’s the question and your headline must quickly address it. If you don’t, your prospect will rapidly exit your site.

In order to answer that question you have to focus on the needs of your prospects. You do that with empathy. In other words you put yourself in their place. What do you look for when visiting a squeeze page or sales page? What grabs YOUR attention? Use that insight in your own marketing.

You can answer the question “what’s in it for me?” by giving thought to the needs of your prospects.

Before writing a headline give thought to:

  • The pressures your prospects are up against each day
  • Their daily concerns and needs
  • What your product or service will do to relieve or solve their problems

Yes, you must focus on the needs of your prospects. So the headlines in your sales pages must immediately get the attention of your prospects. Capture their attention and they’ll stay on your sales page.

Once again, you must tune in to what they face and present a solution. For example, your headline should point to the solution of living paycheck to paycheck. It should point to how they can achieve time freedom.

Put yourself in their place and present a solution. When you do that, you’ll answer the most important question on their mind: “What’s in it for me?”

TIP #2: Formulate Irresistible Headlines by Using Benefits

The single most important part of your sales message is the headline. If your headline fails to get the attention of your prospect, they’ll quickly leave your site.

You have to get their attention right from the start. You have to quickly hook your reader. The best way to do it is through “what’s in it for me?” benefits.

Take a look at the following headline examples:

  • The “How to” headline: “How to Increase Your Income by More Than $300 a Week During a Terrible Economy” (Benefit: financial security)
  • The “News” headline: “Amazing New Breakthrough Supplement Practically Eliminates Joint Pain!” (Benefit: improved health)
  • The “Yes” headline: “Would You Like to Discover How a Former Factory Worker with no Internet Experience Earned more than $177,383 in Six Months with a Simple Website?” (Benefit: increased wealth)

It takes effort to come up with headlines that grab the attention of prospects, but the rewards are tremendous. Think about the needs and desires of your prospects and formulate your headlines accordingly.

TIP #3: Use a Swipe File to Come Up With Irresistible Headlines

There are two ways to come up with irresistible headlines:

  1. Create them yourself
  2. Get ideas from a swipe file

Experienced copywriters can come up with fantastic headlines. Within their minds, they have a storehouse of information. They can draw on that storehouse when they need it. Of course, this takes a lot of experience and creativity.

If you’re pretty creative you might be able to do the same thing. But, on the other hand, if you’re like the majority, you’ll need assistance. Where can you get help to create irresistible headlines? You can get help from a swipe file.

Your swipe file consists of things such as headlines and other marketing ideas. As the name implies you “swipe” marketing ideas wherever you find them. It can be online or offline. Then you take the ideas and file them for later use in your own marketing.

When you get ready to put together a new headline, you can consult your swipe file for ideas. Upon finding one you don’t copy it word for word. That wouldn’t be ethical and it could get you into trouble. No, you take the idea and form your own headline.

Does it take effort? Yes, it takes effort, but it’s very rewarding. It’s also quite satisfying. When you put together a headline that leads to several sales over a long period of time, you’re going to feel very good about it.

TIP #4: Address Your Prospects Personally

Another tactic you can use with headlines is that of addressing your prospects personally. How do you do that? You do that by using the word “you” in your headlines.

Remember, your prospect is thinking “what’s in it for me?” when they land on your page. So when they see “you” in the headline, you immediately have their attention. They’ll read through your sales page and see your call to action.

This means that your headline has to focus solely on your prospects and not on you. Keep in mind that your headline must contain a benefit that they cannot resist.

Note a few headline examples:

  • How Would You Like to Discover...
  • Let Me Give You the Secrets of...
  • How You Can Easily Succeed Online...
  • Have You Made This $5,000 Mistake?

As you can see from those excerpts and examples, the prospect is drawn in by use of the word “you.” It makes it personal to the prospect. It’s as if you’re speaking to the prospect face-to-face.

Now obviously you’re not always going to use the word “you” in your headlines. But you still have to grab the attention of the prospect by focusing on their needs. Make your headline appeal to your prospect with “what’s in it for me?” benefits.

Irresistible Headlines Lead to Online Prosperity

When you capture the attention of your prospects by using irresistible headlines, your online business will prosper. Your customer base will increase along with sales.

Practice the four tips cited here:

  • Tip #1: Your headline must answer “what’s in it for me?”
  • Tip #2: Your headline must highlight benefits
  • Tip #3: Create a swipe file in order to generate ideas
  • Tip #4: Address your prospects personally

When you apply those four tips in your headlines, prospects will find them irresistible. They’ll read your sales message and act on your call to action. It all adds up to online prosperity. Yes, irresistible headlines equal online profits!

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