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Four Specific Hashtag Strategies That You Can Use

Feb 9th 2014 at 5:43 PM

Anything you do online is easier if you have a specific game plan. This is especially true when you’re working with a marketing technique that may not be familiar. While hashtags have been around for awhile, namely Twitter, they’re relatively new to many online marketers. Since that’s the case, let’s explore four specific strategies you can use when incorporating hashtags.

Here’s a rundown of the four strategies:

  1. Connect hashtags to your product or service
  2. Use hashtags in your posts
  3. Create a hashtag to start a topic trend in your niche
  4. Use hashtags in moderation

Now that you have an overview, let’s examine each strategy.

1. Connect hashtags to your product or service

You can use hashtags to get wider exposure for your products and offers.

For example, maybe you’re a traffic expert who knows how to drive online traffic by the thousands for daily visitors to the website of your customer’s choice.

You don’t have to have your own product to do this. Simply use a hashtag like this: #gettingtraffic. And connect to your product or service.

The idea here is to define your product or service. That way you make it easier for those in your niche to locate your product or service.

2. Use hashtags in your posts

Find hashtags that are regularly searched for and use them in your posts. People in your niche will see and share your information. Your content and products will get more exposure. Your online exposure will grow.

You’ll want to use hashtags that are trending in your market. How do you find them? Go to and search for already existing hashtags. Type in any search you can think of that’ll link to your niche. Likely you’ll find a hashtag that’s related.

Once again let’s use traffic as an example. If traffic is hot in your niche try entering #gettingtraffic or maybe #gettingonlinetraffic. See what comes up and look around at some of the curated links or posts. If you like what you see, use that hashtag in all your traffic related posts.

3. Create a hashtag to start a topic trend in your niche

You’ll need to use a lot of creativity here, because starting a trend isn’t easy. If you have a strong brand the task will be easier. But nevertheless it will require effort on your part.

Something that’ll make your task easier is There you’ll be able search and see if the hashtag you have in mind is available. Once you create a hashtag use it to start a topic trend in your niche.

What you can do is connect your primary product or service to it. People in your niche will get to know you and respond to the trend you’ve started. Subsequently, your online exposure will grow and you’ll become more popular in your niche.

4. Use hashtags in moderation

Balance is definitely the name of the game. Don’t overuse hashtags in your posts. If you do people might perceive it as spam and ignore your message. In fact, they may also tune you out when you make future posts.

Normally, you’re safe using one to three in a post. Remember though, moderation is where it’s at, and less is better in this case.

Implement These Four Strategies Immediately

Don’t delay in putting these four strategies to use in your online business. You’ll be amazed at how many pages of curated information you’ll find when searching hashtags in your niche. Connect with people on those pages.

Use hashtags in connection with your products and service. Use hashtags in your online posts. Start trends in your niche with a unique hashtag of your creation. But remember to be balanced in your approach by using hashtags in moderation.


Implement these four strategies immediately and you’ll experience online growth and wider brand exposure. And of course more cash flow!

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