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Timothy Eller | timothyeller

Follow Up With Your Customers

Jun 8th 2013 at 6:51 PM
Follow Up With Your Customers follow up with your customers

Always follow up

Today we are going to be going over a short
introduction to following up with your customers.

In this message we need to cover exactly what
Following Up means because a lot of people get it
mixed up.

Following up with someone entails getting in contact
with them after they take an action on your website.

This can be as simple as signing up for your free
newsletter via an opt in form.

It could also be a customer that makes a purchase of
one of your product or service offerings.

Yet another reason to follow up would be someone
signing up for your affiliate program to promote your

Following up is getting in contact with people again
after they take an action to remind them of that

So if someone signed up for your newsletter and hasn’t
taken any other actions, a follow up may be in order.

If an affiliate signed up for your affiliate program
and hasn’t promoted, again, a follow up is probably a
good idea.

As you can see, follow up can be used in nearly every
faucet of your online business.

“How Do You Best Follow Up With Your Customers?”

This could be done by email,the best way would be to
capture leads through your website with an opt in

This way you can have your autoresponder set up to
so your email follow ups can be done on autopilot.

Another great way of following up with your customers
is through social media….

You can interact with people on your team to answer
questions or you can interact with customers by giving
support to those who have purchased your products and

The third way of following up with your customers and by
far the most effective is the almighty phone call.

There is nothing better than talking with your prospects
live and in person….

When you use the phone when following up with your customers
it gives them a sense of being personally connected to you.

This will boost that know,like and trust factor that is a
must if you wish to succeed in any business.

To learn how to effectively use follow up in your business quickly and easily…

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