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Follow Up To, " Why Do We Need BackLinks"

Nov 13th 2010 at 5:42 AM

November 13, 2010

Follow Up To, " Why  Do We Need BackLinks"

The original article was written on November 2, 2010, providing us all with information and the importance of why you should have backlinks on your site's.  This information is only going to work work for a very few of us, what l mean by this rather crude statement is not many will apply what Gilberto and Myself are training you to achieve.

Refresh Your Memory Now!

This group's intention is to become profitable with all it's members, as a paid group you need to see rewards coming back to your wallet.   Why you joined.  Getting back to the above statement, very few read, follow steps and only expect a reward with out any effort.  Let's be fair here, how many have members of this group has posted a comment on the APSense Blog, joined and follow this blog or any other blog.

The key here is if your not going to follow simple steps, why you here? We need members who listen, follow and create the success of this group for all of us, why this group will succeed, we will all be on the same page and enjoying, the success from each participating member.  We need leaders, who have the ability to create streams of endless backlinks back to our "OWN SITES". If you have refresh your memory and you not gone away we now train you on how to use different types of back links.


Write them, with great content, making them meaningful, very informative, and must be non-duplicated articles.  This will ultimately determine the maximum number of websites that will link to all of your pages.

Press Releases

We need to post announcements, provide news and information via a bulletin, get them all published by a specific service such as PRWeb for a wide distribution then is syndicated world wide.  This type of backlink creates indexing and generates traffic all work together for providing another source of backlinking.


This most cost effective way of creating backlinks and learning how it all works.  This is my favorite way of created streams of backlinks.  Now you need to start and follow our blog add comments,  Just watch your results.


Why this works is for the simple reason not everyone likes to read, so by using this method is another way because it is valid and valuable.


Same concept as Audio, some rather watch and listen, then read.


This is going to be a subject all on it's own, rather complicated and important for you to achieve creative backlinks that will act as a sitemap that is updated with all of your sites content to all major search engines, so that your web pages gets the correct credit for it to be properly ranked.

This information will "LEAD" your site to your target markets when it is follow and executed with support and committed members of this Unique Club.  the you will have the ability to learn the final and most important factor on why it works.  I can prove it to you with my two blogs, the difference one has over the other.  A five week old blog has a higher ranking then a three year old blog.  Why is that?  You will found out soon, but actually you should  already know the answer..


All The Best,

Joseph F. Botelho


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Nov 16th 2010 at 3:01 PM by judyhwright
hello from Montana, thanks for sharing this information. Lots I knew, but forgot. Also lot's of new ideas and techniques. jhw

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