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Dec 15th 2010 at 12:34 PM


Those three words are what helped me actually mess around and make this a full time gig, NOT the "tactics" and "strategies" and all the guru mumbo jumbo...

Here's what I mean.  This will help especially if you are NEW.  You are about to begin to receive MILLIONS of really compelling pitches to buy ALL KINDS of things and join all kinds of programs.  It will NOT be easy to filter them out and keep your focus on building YOUR business.

It will be HARD! Period.

These marketers sometimes KNOW what they are doing and they will reel you in...

FIRST by making you doubt your business.

SECOND by making you feel that without THEIR (whatever) you will not succeed.

THIRD by sheer force of numbers. They will have seemingly MILLIONS of people all saying that their "stuff" is better than the sliced bread and the "MOTHER" of all training courses etc...

Here's the thing about that...  OF COURSE THEY WILL SAY THAT!

They are all AFFILIATES getting $$$ for selling that stuff online.  I'm not saying don't buy anything... it's totally YOUR choice.

What I am saying is:  STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR BEST INTEREST and building your own business.  I see so many people start hustling and selling all the other stuff out there and they KILL their own business daily by losing focus and momentum.

There is nothing new under the sun. Nothing. It's just repackaged in a neat little way and gets a new price tag.  So before you start letting yourself get pushed and turned and driven by the "affiliate product of the day" and you lose focus...

Just think...

Will this get me closer to building my business today? Or is this just another pitch and making me the affiliate sales rep for some other "guru"?

I just wanted to make you aware of what happens in this industry so that you can "see it coming"

and so you know to expect some distraction as you're out there building and marketing.


Leaders will agree here if they are honest...

There have been NO REAL MEGA success stories of people who have used "guru" systems or training courses to actually BUILD LARGE TEAMS IN THEIR PRIMARY COMPANIES.

You can make a little money as an affiliate for other products and services and market things to your list. I do. It's cool when you know when and how to do it.  But that stuff won't ever make you the BIG SUSTAINABLE $$$.

It makes the OWNERS of those systems big $$$ since you sell their stuff for 50% to them and worse, remember the trade off:


And they are GOOD at back end selling to your prospects... which may have effects on your team that are not in your best interests...


Focus - Duplication - Leverage

Just be aware and be intelligent.

To Your Success,


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Dec 19th 2010 at 5:41 AM by drkelp
Thanks Darwin. I agree with your mantra of Focus, Duplicate and Leverage. Following your own way is important but as GT says below affiliate programs are a good first step for a lot of people. But there is no magic bullet to make big money quickly without hard work, no matter what the gurus say.
Dec 18th 2010 at 6:50 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Darwin: Thanks for pointing out that our primary focus should be on building our own businesses and everything else should be used only to support or enhance our primary focus. Affiliate Marketing is a good place to begin, a place to get our foot in the door and learn the ropes, but ultimately, we need to be focused on building our own business, our own reputation, our own list. GT :-)
Dec 18th 2010 at 7:05 AM by aislesoffiles
Hi Darwin: Great article! The "trick" is to settle down and find that one business opportunity to focus on/duplicate/leverage, and not hop from program to program. Still trying to find my way with this...! :D

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