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About Me

Hello, my name is Anette Hultman. I live in south Sweden.
Looking for social networking with likeminded people among
the internet marketing world.

I have two kids. One daughter 23 years old and moved from home.
One son, 19 still live at home. My son has ADHD and Autism, so
there are lot of work mothering him. But I love it, I love my kids
so you do what you have to do to make them healthy and do well.

Ofline I am a assitance nurse for elderly care. Online I
own and administrate two traffic exchanges.
and I have a degree in industral management
but about time I was done in school I did not get a ofline job
so I had to relearn another profession, assistance nurse and I
love my job.

I read books, I listen to music, I watch movies.
I even sing myself. I love writing in my blog and chatting.
You can always find me on skype ; anette.hultman

I lsiten to most music styles. It varies depending on my
emotional moods. But when ever I am online I mostly put
on a record with different music from the 50 & 60.

I like vary movies. Mostly I like thriller and Scary movies.
The latest move I saw on cinema was the third addition of
twilight saga.

I read in periods, that is, in times I read a lot and for a
time I do not read at al. Favorite books is criminal stories.
Anette | Anette
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Five tips to get free traffic in forum.............

Aug 23rd 2010 at 12:28 PM

Forums are a great way to market your self online. It´s free: fun and educational. By registrating in  various forums in your area and participate in discussions, you can promote your blog or website.

Here is some good useful tips to be more successful with your marketing in forums.

First, have a clickabe link in your signature. You write a line and then set that line with the url for the website you are promoting to a link.

Secondly, Do not sell anyting. If you have a blog or a website that sells products, remember to bring an interest only in the byline. Write an interesting text, followed buy your url. Try not sell anyting. When people click on your signature, they will see your products and buy from you eventually.

Third, Comment threads in popular subjects. There are certain substances that give rise to more discussion than others in all forums.Try to be more acticv in these. Try to answer early in the threads about these subjects. Are you among the final answers people wont see you.

Fourth, promote nothing in the text. Forums are not erected for marketing. Those who visit the forum does not make it to read the advertisment and therefore you should never advertise your links in the text. Let your signature be your marketing. If you do not take this advice seriously, you will quickly be mistaken confidence in the other forum and get of.

And last, write relevant responses. You market yourself indirectly through what you write on the forum. If your answer is interesteing and helpful people will be more interested in your links in your signature.

Please to comment
May 1st 2015 at 11:01 AM by researcher
you share such a good information
Sep 19th 2010 at 2:00 AM by cmsolution
I agree with you but I don't know why do people like to be deceived? In fact, they must understand that most people who join different forum or networking websites they have their own business interests. People should appreciate that a person is openly giving publicity to products instead of promoting interests disguising under the name of friendship.

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