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1 year ago

Five Reasons I Like PennyMatrix As a Serious Affiliate Program

May 20th 2013 at 8:35 PM

Hopefully you are familiar with the affiliate program offered through - if not let me start with a very quick summary. I'll tell you how I came across this one and then I want to get right into Five Reasons I like pennymatrix as a tool, to find Serious Business Partners to Work with.

I was on facebook browsing through some of the business groups and saw something new. The lady talking about it was something I wanted to do business with, because I really enjoyed her videos on YouTube. I loved the energy she had, and was shocked to find out that she was brand new to affiliate programs - and marketing online.

I've actually got several years of experience so honestly this surprise was not a good revelation. Working with serious business partners has everything to do with successfully creating a reliable stream of income - and at the time I was looking for good partners to work with. Her being new was not really the issue - it was that she didn't know how to work together; so we never made much money in Pennymatrix together; She eventually quit and now focuses on several other programs.

Meanwhile, another person who I have a ton of respect for; who has experience and knows how to work together approached me about a new business involving an app (for mobile devices) - and I jumped at the chance to work with him. He was someone who was also very committed to PennyMatrix - and since I was no longer working with my initial sponsor, I came on board with him. Because like I just said, it matters WHO we work with; especially in a program like this one. Let's get into my Five Reasons.

Reason #1 - it's a Forced Matrix.

This is HUGE when teamwork is involved. The downside of a forced matrix is it will attract people who are hoping to get spillover by positioning themselves under the right team. The upside of a forced matrix is when the righ tteam comes together, they can Create Fortunes for themselves and several others.

Reason #2 - it's Affordable - under $10

It's a TOUGH economic climate out there - all around the globe reports are surfacing at how the rich are getting richer - and the poor simply cannot afford to get richer; Not to say you're poor if you look for a business opportunity that's less than $10/month - but if you're a smart business person with multiple streams of income, you do not want to add income opportunities that force you to spend MORE money; before you're Making Money.

Reason #3 - the Product has REAL Value

There is real value in e-books - you get to download them, and you own the resale rights; I use these ebooks as "Free give-aways" on landing pages that I use to build lists of targeted leads. Let's say I'm looking to build a list of people who are interested in network marketing or onlinie programs; I offer them a free e-book (that I got from PennyMatrix) and now I have a perosn I can begin building a relationship with; They may be interested in the PennyMatrix as well as other Opportunities I'm positioned to benefit with.

Reason #4 - It Does'nt Conflict, it Compliments

As I just mentioned, I'm able to continue focusing on other income opportunities - while using PennyMatrix as an additional tool to meet others with similar interests; It doesn't conflict, it compliments - it gives me an additional tool to use to meet people that want to achieve the illusive goal of More Money, and more TIME freedom. - but the last reason is perhaps the MOST important to me...

Reason #5 - It's SIMPLE and easy to DUPLICATE!

If you take it seriously, you can actually create some massive success for yourself and others; Especially if you are working with a team of committed leaders; You can find 2 people who have $7 and a strong desire to make more omney; Together you must work to find 4 more people (2 each) - In other words; if everyone gets 2 people, the matrix will fill up on it's own. When it does you'll create $2,000 per month for yourself; but also you'll have put in place a "ripple of duplication" that creates an extra $2k for your original 2 business partners.... with THEIR initial 2 business partners positioned to be next to reach $2k per month.

This is just enough money to make a real difference in other people's lives.

If you'd like to read more articles from TNG about PennyMatrix - or want to work with our team of committed leaders, take a look at these related articles below!

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