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Fellow Networker,

As a self-employed small business owner, entrepreneur and now a full-time network marketer / M*L*M-er for you newbie’s; I must admit that the single most important element to my successes or even failures forward (if-you-will) are the acts of flat-out learning.

Sometimes the learning has taken place very rapidly and other periods over time, but the only reason I have and others have success is because they actually took the time to learn and then implement what was learned in a “Never Compromise Win-or-Lose Mindset” and moved forward with their results.

To YOUR Big MLM Success,

Trent Galloway
Gardnerville, Nevada USA
Trent Galloway | bigMLM
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FIVE Principles of MLM Success

Jul 1st 2010 at 11:07 PM

This was passed on to me recently and I just loved the points… not sure who wrote it, but enjoy!

As a new distributor, you have joined a winning team that is offering you their experience and insight. The FIVE Principles of MLM Success is the time-tested, proven formula for success. This formula came about when John Lavenia, a top leader in the direct selling and network marketing industries, connected with and interviewed the top earners in the industry. As a new distributor, he wanted to know what they did to produce their results so he could do it too. Out of those conversations about their daily activities the FIVE Principles of MLM Success were discovered. By following these principles and applying them as a formula you will be following the exact formula that top leaders have followed to go from just a beginner to a top leader. Applying this formula is your key to success. This is a simple business plan that anyone can follow. Those who do get amazing results!

Principle #1: Know Where You Are Going
This principle is the foundation on which all the other principles rely to be effective. Write down your goals on a goal card, carry the goal card with you always and read it throughout the day many times. Visualize/meditate/take quiet time daily to see yourself already in possession of the good you seek, so you actually feel the feelings of already accomplishing it. Sometimes people get caught up in “trying” to make a sale. This only happens when a person doesn’t have a goal they know they are going to reach. Your goal may seem lofty at first, but taking time to visualize and meditate on the “already achievement” of it will instill in you the belief that you will achieve it. You can use the document “SMART GOALS” to assist you in identifying and clearly writing your goals.

Principle #2: Income Producing Activities
Prioritize your time so that you spend time each day talking to people about the business and products and putting them through the system to learn more about the opportunity and/or the product line. Consistency is the MOST important thing. You should know how to have a prospecting conversation (Prospecting Script) or product conversation (Product Script) so that you are confident in your conversation. Develop your ability to confidently talk about the business and products so that you could do it in your sleep. Never lose your edge. It’s better to work 1 hour a day everyday than to cram everything into your day off if you are still working a job as you build your business. Income producing activities are prospecting, talking to potential customers about product, follow-up and signing up new distributors and new customers. Lead generation is also income producing, but that simply feeds the funnel. You must take time to call and/or talk to prospects to generate sales. Organizing your desk, doing “research” and “getting ready to get ready” will not produce income for you. No amount of intention or desire will get you a result if you don’t follow through with action; the correct actions! Live this business; talk to people about the business. If you truly believe in your success and the opportunity, you’ll feel comfortable sharing it. After all, they deserve the opportunity to live this incredible lifestyle as well!

Principle #3: Be A Student of Personal Development
All the top earners are engaged in the study of Personal Development. They read good books. They avoid mass media (TV, newspapers, etc). Choose very carefully what you allow into your mind. Take time everyday with your personal development; journaling, exploring your own limiting beliefs. In addition, fill your mind with the right information. Start a media fast, abstaining from the news, TV, newspapers, radio, etc. Instead, use the time you would normally spend watching TV reading empowering books, listening to Training Calls, using and applying what you’ve learned. You’ll be amazed at the evolution you will experience in your attitude and being simply by eliminating negative influences and replacing them with positive, empowering influences.

Principle #4: Mastermind with Leaders
Do everything possible to be in the environment of the Top Income Earners. Many of the leaders in the industry are amazingly gracious with their time and experience. You have a great opportunity to connect with these leaders at live events as well as on live Training Calls. Think about it: where else in the world do you have the opportunity to hang out and learn from self-made millionaires who will share everything they know about creating success? But, it’s up to you to show up. Stick close to your upline Leaders; call them regularly to connect so they know who you are; take full advantage of their knowledge and experience. Nothing will accelerate a person’s evolution into a Top Earner faster than being around the people and environment where that exists.

Principle #5: Cultivate the Expectation of Leadership in Yourself and Others
Expect success of yourself and others. Put yourself in the position to collect the profit on all products. Talk to your enroller and up-line leaders to gain understanding of the compensation plan; it is designed to reward leadership and to reward it quickly! You know you are going to win, so act as such. Be the Leader, Do What Leaders Do, Have the Results! The Bottom Line is: Since you know you are willing to take the action in Principles #1-4, then you know you are guaranteed the results. You play FULL OUT! Every step that you can take to move yourself in the direction of your goals, you take that step immediately and confidently. And because you expect success of yourself, because YOU are willing to take the actions that successful people take, you expect success and leadership from those you allow on your team. Since you are willing to pay the price of success, you expect others to also be willing to pay the price of success. Cultivate an expectation of their leadership.

To Your MLM Success,

Trent Galloway
Internet Marketer

"More than any other factor, persistence…is the key to success." - Trent Galloway

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Great info
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