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Five Factors of Aggressive Marketing

Nov 6th 2012 at 5:15 AM

As either a newbie or yet unsuccessful internet entrepreneur, seeking to develop a low cost internet marketing strategy, it would be wise to consider implementing anĀ 'AGGRESSIVE INTERNET MARKETING APPROACH' . What is agressive internet marketing? Quite simply it is an all-out marketing & promotions approach that exceeds the expectations of you the internet marketer!!! Aggressive Internet Marketing is an intense, all out marketing approach that is determined, committed to exploding your list building campaign. Acourse every internet marketer, newbie, successful, or highly successful want to engage in an aggressive marketing campaign, especially if the outcome leads to a huge quality list of customers. But for the newbie, the question of cost is quite real. The question becomes, can an aggressive internet marketing campaign be affordable or low cost? The answer is YES. With the expanse of the internet being what it is today, there are many resources, tools at your disposal that can assist you to develop your very own aggressive marketing campaign. Here are five (5) factors you should consider in determining what resources or tools to use in the developing your Agressive Marketing campaign.

  1. Website Design, What to consider: Today there are many sites, offering free website design. Even if you have knowledge of HTML, it would be wise to consider professionals to design your website. Which ever route you choose to take you must make certain that marketing is integrated to the web design. Because is certainly a very real factor. If a company offer its web design services for a costĀ (for the most part, not over $50), and another charge for internet marketing, it might be wise to look for another web design company.
  2. Keywords: Does the website cater to keywords, and how many? Without question keywords are important to attracting traffic to your website. There are, however, a couple points you should consider. First, having too many keywords or phrases is not good for your website. Why? Because they can actually lead to your website dropping in ranking. Secondly, having smaller web pages that emphasizes only a few key words is always better.
  3. Search Engines: Is your webste compatible? Since we are talking about aggressive internet marketing, having a web site that is 100% compatible to search engines is infact, aggressive marketing. Does your website meet the search engine test? What is the test? Having a website that is expert in SEO. Does your website work with all the major search engines on the web today?
  4. Competitors: Do you know who they are, and what they are doing? It is impossible to engage effectively in aggressive marketing, if you are unaware of your competitors, their marketing tactics, etc... Analysis, evaluating your competitors is a mandatory tool to determine your own strengths, weaknesses, pro's, and cons of your business, your marketing strategy. Failure to really know your competitors will lead you to a very mediocre business outcome.
  5. Monthly Marketing Plan: How efficient is yours? What does your marketing plan zero in on? Better yet, is it a one time only plan, or is it monthly? To be a highly successful internet marketer, it would be extremely wise to develop a monthly marketing plan. The focus of this monthly plan should be the following: Webpage development, link exchanges, web content, updates, technical support. Additionally it should also include standard SEO , competition analysis, and keyword density. It might be wise to use a paying service that primary focus is developing, managing your marketing plan that includes all of the aforemention. Here again thru research, you can find an affordable developer & monitor of your monthly plan.

Using these five factors as guide lines will assist you to both develop, as well, as succeed with an aggressive marketing approach for your online business.

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