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Finding Your Purpose

Aug 18th 2010 at 6:52 PM

What is it like to not know what your purpose is in life? All of us have been there at one time or another. We realize we are not part of any other entity in the world. At some point in our lives we wonder why we are here and what are we here for.

Discovering why we are alive is a question we all ask ourselves. Some ask this question at a very early age. However, some do not come to ask their selves this question until they are young adults.

So to answer my first question; to not know what your purpose is in life is a dilemma we all go through, and it is unnerving to say the least. Every child or person faces this head on in their mind and no one ever knows how to help that person answer it.

To a child it is unacceptable to them that their parent does not know how to help them answer this question. To a young adult this question is a never ending search for a place in life.

A child personifies people they come in contact with, a favorite person in their lives or a parent. They play at mimicking or doing things that interest them.

You’ve seen children pretend to be a doctor, a fireman, a nurse and such. They are play acting and repeating things they have seen others doing, or maybe something they’ve seen on television.

Children have a huge imagination and can use this to create a scene or picture they like and are familiar with. What a gift!

Parents can observe this about a child pretending to be a particular person, place or thing and ask the child questions. This is because we always want to help the child find their purpose. Of course we know it is important for them, because it was important to us as we grew up.

Young adults who find they still do not know what their purpose is, tend to find themselves in a spot. They are uncomfortable with this fact. They move through life with a meaningless show in a kind trance they have placed their self into.

To think one’s self as meaningless.

Wow, think about that?

Many of us today, did not have childhood aspirations. We did not dream of being a nurse, a doctor or a lawyer. Is this fact contemptible?

No this is a not a concern because many people do not have a clue as to what they want to do in life. It’s more of a puzzle not a problem.

So to answer this puzzle or to find the sum of our life’s equation we must search with the help of others’ we come in contact with. Sometimes it does seem to be an endless journey.

But, it never fails, as we grow in body and mind, our lives seem to start making sense. We get into a mode of learning to do something and we forget we are on our mission.

Then out of the blue one day, while we are enthralled in what ever we are doing, and a thought crosses our mind. We start to wonder whether what we are currently doing may be part of our purpose.

Wow, what a great feeling to have for once!

We ponder the idea that what we are currently doing may have something to do with our purpose or our future. Our answers are never really quite enough to end our search although.

We continue on through time, all the while the nagging feeling about our purpose still lingers in our minds, but we pass it off as just a part of life once again.

Then eventually when we least expect it, we come to a conclusion. We have been paying no real attention anymore to our future and purpose.

We come to a point in our lives when everything is changing rapidly. We are excited to be where we are and right there in the midst of our jubilation came  an answer to the age old question. What is my purpose?

The Good Lord has brought us through the wilderness. We have experienced many things in our journey through our life.  And we finally realize everything we had been learning throughout the years was all just a piece of His Grand puzzle for our lives.

He is just so Amazing!

He trained us up. He taught us everything we know. And he’s given us a perfect attitude to go along with this person He has created in us. He has given us our compassion, our thoughtful ways and an immense portion of gratitude.

So, if you are one of the many out there still searching for the answer to the old adage of “What is my purpose in this life?”.

Consider slowing down a little and enjoying the road you travel. Enjoy learning all the details. And rest your soul knowing The Good Lord has a plan for your life and is in full control.

Don’t waste to many years wondering what your purpose is. Just relax and enjoy the ride, for He who knows you the best has had a special purpose for you in this lifetime all the while.


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Aug 20th 2010 at 10:19 PM by yhbecpublisher
After reading this article I wandered off to continue my daily online chores and was just inspired to come back and share a light bulb moment that has happened for me as a direct result of reading it.

As I child I was described as a book worm. I loved to explore the dictionary and find new words that meant the same thing.

This long ago 'interest' has been one of the keys to my recovery after my mini-stroke 9 years ago. When my brain couldn't find the word I needed it had others that I could use instead.

Thank you Elizabeth :-D Soroya
Aug 20th 2010 at 9:45 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, EWesley: Thanks for the tips, insight and inspiration to help us in finding our purpose. Sometimes, as you have noted, it can take us some time to truly understand or recognize our purpose. While we are waiting to figure it out, I think it's great advice to do as you say and enjoy the journey. In the process, if we try to be productive in a positive way and add some value to the lives of other people, what other purpose do we need (besides our spiritual focus, I mean). :-)

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