Finally 4 proven ways to fail at Network Marketing has been revealed.

Oct 5th 2010 at 5:47 PM

Finally 4 proven ways to fail at Network Marketing has
been revealed. Who really needs to learn how to succeed
in promoting your Business Opportunity, there are plenty
of articles, capture pages, blogs, etc on convincing you
how to make it in this industry.  Its time to get down and
dirty on how to master the 4 proven ways to fail or possibly
learn a little bit about yourself in these 4 steps.

1. Buy leads and build relationships on social forums

a. This just may be my favorite of all, here's why. When you purchase those LEADS that people have requested more information about a home based business, do NOT call them by any stretch of the means. Why you ask, because they want what you have and you will NEVER share tha information simply because you dare to have someone duplicate your business. How dare they!  

b. Sign up for every social media on the internet and request everyone to be your friend. Now, work diligently on getting to know ALL of them sharing common interests, favorite
foods, how many kids, etc.  Ok, now this is the critical part on making sure you fail at this
technique, when they ask you what you do, do NOT speak, write, respond in any way shape or form.  If you do, well all I have to say is that you may have sadly made a sale, you DO NOT want this to happen, I repeat you do NOT want this to happen. If you do then you will have succeeded and you are looking to fail, remember?

2. Convince yourself that you have the worst warm market in the universe.

a.This is most likely the most crucial step you must start with. Being that everyone has a warm market, make it very clear to everyone that your warm market is burnt, this will guarantee your failure. You see, when you talk to your warm market, you take the chance of stealing people away from the ones that crave success.  This step is NOT for people with courage, it takes complete commitment to bypass every channel to success.

3.  Stay clear of prospecting otherwise you WILL make money, plain and simple.

a.This is one technique that takes effort, being on or offline. You risk the chance that someone wants you to tell them about your business, this is a BIG No-No, we don't want that.

b.When you hand out your business cards, marketing materials, etc. set up a firm phone appointment or a belly-belly appointment. It is crucial NOT to call or meet them this will show weakness on your part that you want to be a success.

4.  Stay very focused on studying

a. We have all been told the importance of staying one step ahead of our competition,
RED ALERT, RED ALERT.  What you need to do here is purchase every possible  book, cd, dvd that has to do with: motivation, inspiration, SEO, How to Blog, Video marketing, article writing, how to this, how to that, etc. After you have spent 60+ hours a week reading,
watching and listening to them all,put them on a pretty shelf preferably behind your desk so you do not have to see them anymore, after all you know it all now and do not want to apply this knowledge to prospects, once again you risk the chance of making a sale.They are best when they are covered in dust.


In my heart of hearts I am convinced these steps if followed through properly will put you in the FAILURE Spotlight considering you are not seeking success.  For those of you that have read this and are seeking success, just do the complete opposite of everything I discussed here, because you will then succeed.

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Dedicated to your Success,

Diane Rosolen
skype: diane.rosolen
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