"FIFA 16" New Information Released: Career Mode Has A Lot Of Improvements

Sep 8th 2015 at 10:40 PM

Player training

All along, the players on the "FIFA" career mode is a feature of the most anticipated players training, but this time the "FIFA 16" finally ushered in the first Player training debut. Player training takes FIFA 16 coins mainly based training mode, but the whole training process can also be automated.

Once trained quota of five players, so you can pick any five players in the first team in training. Of course, if you have a player and youth team signed a professional contract, you are able to pull him into the training in. You can then select each item in the player of the week training. For example, you can make Diego Costa were shooting training, allowing youth teenager Ruben Cheek training pass.

Once you have selected to train the players, you can use these players for the training mode, or you can also choose "simulate all", wait a few seconds to see the training results. Every player will receive training from A to F of the evaluation. According to the evaluation, training-related ability value of the player will increase. And after a long training, you can see the player's overall rating will slow growth. In order to maintain the balance of the game, you can only train once a week, and through the training, whether it is some of the ability of the players, or a fledgling young people can be benefited thereby.

But training on different players have different effects. For example, on Diego Costa misses training for 15 weeks, his shooting only from 90 (out of 100) rose to 91, you do not feel the difference in the game. And this time, his overall rating would not be any change. But if you try to Chelsea teenager Ruben Cheek training pass, at the same time, his value will go up 4 passing, while Overall value will increase 3. So training for those who have the potential to be the star player of significance greater than. Of course, some players have the ability to value the upper limit, no matter how you train after they grow to a certain capacity will not continue to increase the value.

With the ability to increase training players brought their worth will therefore rise. Players can see the changes in the percentage of players worth. For example, you Courtois 15 weeks of training, you can see his value rose by 10%. This means that you can in the face of those clubs are interested in the player, £ 3 million more than the asking price. And at the same time it also means that you spend time on training investment, in addition to the ability to change data harvested outside, you can also see the "real money" in return.

As mentioned earlier, you can only select five players for a week of training, so that the choice of the players you have got good discretion. In addition the game will record your last selected five players to replace players without continued fast start training next week. And for a player ongoing training will bring more significant capacity change.

Although the actual playing career mode when you do not really train manually every time, but at least "FIFA 16" for the freedom of your choice. And Player training also gives you the power to control your development team, which is of great significance for the career mode. For example, you have chosen a top club, you can come to develop their own training young players through the Player training. And if you are using an ordinary club, you also can use the training to increase the capacity of their own team players, so he is good enough. Chances are you have a wing horse, but he is also passing Why do not ye, you have no way to get him overnight Beckham's feet, but you can continue to train passing skills make him the promotion. And you want to own or La Masia youth training camp, or you want to revitalize the local football? It all depends on you this coach, this is the player training gives you freedom.

Global Transfer Network

"FIFA 16" career mode global transfer network looks and "FIFA 15" very different, but in fact the new transfer network will be some flexibility to adjust. As you know, EA in career mode will hide some of the player's real data Overall, this design though ingenious, but this will obstruct you in finding a player when you know very little about.

Club transfer budget

Career mode before a major problem is that if you lead a strenuous hardships lower league club into the top flight, you will find is still not top league club should have a budget you get. And this is mainly due to business income will not be adjusted according to the club's relegation. To correct budgetary problems, EA budget for the club a few changes.

The first is around the balance transfer budget, the club board of directors will be competing in the budget will be and and the coach, which also makes the game seem more real. EA put a lot of resources in the past few years to analyze the budgetary situation in the real world of football clubs, and the career mode in the budget as much as possible authenticity.

Another nice change is the end of the season if you do not use up all of the transfer budget, you'll be able to use a certain percentage of them next season. The concrete can get how much depends on you and the Board of those old men's debate performance, but in any case better than "hard to save money to say no is no." So if one of your favorite players now sign high, you can keep your money to wait until next season to try again.

Although still not fully confirmed, but the adjustment EA to transfer budget calculation logic based, "FIFA 16" career mode, if you break with Oxford United (England fourth-level league team) Premier League You should get enough to rival league rival transfer budget. But we will further confirm the situation shortly after.

Season Event

Before "FIFA" in "Players event" (the game player's comment would make the evaluation of some relevant issues, such as today happens to be one of the player's birthday) repeated use in career mode, and received good results. And some players more interesting events and also very sense of substitution, while others occasionally. And based on the "Player Events", EA will further develop their audio technology to make a new "season event (Story of the Season)".

In "FIFA 16" Career Mode comments, you can not only hear your next game opponent this relatively simple matter, can hear some of the more advanced topics, such as some of the more significant move is occurring (and transfer news they are talking about will not be limited in the league you are involved), the recent performance of some of the players and the famous team, you recently won the championship and relegation message will become the talk of commentator even you can find that they will carry out in-depth debate on a number of issues. Game commentary fundamentally different.

Previous career mode there are some things we have heard and seen it feel when they are independent of each other, people feel very strange. But now the career mode, you can feel the game is to remember, and some of the season's major event you feel better very nature of these events in series. The event will also bring a new season of the television screen, displays some commentators are talking about the news or data. And all these elements can give the player a more immersive experience complete career mode. Now Urfifa website is selling cheap FIFA 16 coins, the players if you want to experience the fun of FIFA 16, you can go buy some coins reserve, can better play the game, to prevent because of lack of coins, they were forced off the assembly line.

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