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FIFA 16: change the commentator

Oct 28th 2015 at 6:19 PM

Then they should put more lines into the game. A big problem right now is that players only have like one or two dialogues about them... Like reus, so it gets really old real quick as it is. The Sound team should be busy year round which it really seems like they aren't atm.


Some of the commentary is a couple of years old. He's been with Alan Smith on fifa since 2012, there are still lines from 2012 on there, i'm sure. It would be super cool if they could get commentators to do like, an hour a week? Include current themes etc, on Seasons with cheap fifa coins, they could talk about form, who's disappointing, look to the future etc. But it does need to be updated regularly, because all this new 'immersion' stuff got stale within 2 days of playing the game.


This is the best idea I've ever heard to improve the feel of the game. How hard would it be to switch up certain situation-specific lines or lines about events and form as you said, every week? On one hand, this is the type of stuff EA loves to tout as their new feature in a new FIFA, but on the other hand it's EA and they don't give a shit about us.


Well they added on some cool features in 13 like commentary that would adapt to your performances in career mode. But sometimes that doesn't even mesh right and it can get repetitive. It definitely needs to be reworked. If that was done better, they could adapt to each week without needing them in the studio every week


Thing is EA have partnerships with the big leagues like the Premier League. Couldn't they just get access to all the games from the previous seasons? They could then listen to the commentaries, chop it all up then take all the specific dialogue on particular players and feed it into the game. Surely the commentators throughout a season give enough random info on the big players to fill the game out a bit more.


Commentary comes from the broadcasting companies, so no, they wouldn't have access to that. I aslo don't think they save the save the cheapest fifa coins, so removing the noise from the stadium would be much more of a hassle than just having commentators come in and have them recorded. I'd really like to know how they record the stuff, like if they just have them commentate matches and chop it up as you suggest, or if they have them come up with commentary ffor specific scenarios that they can tie to in game scenarios.

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