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Felmina Alliance Review

Jan 30th 2013 at 1:09 PM

This is my review of the Felmina Alliance high yield income program (HYIP).  The Felmina Alliance program is owned by a company named Felmina Alliance Inc., CEO is Phil Burrell, and located at 50th Street, Global Plaza Tower; 19th Floor, Suite H; Panama City, 0833; Panama, with their servers located in Texas.  The domain name- was created on 7/28/2010 and has a new expiration date of 7/28/2021.  Their web site has been online for 26 months as of this blog posting.

Basically what this company does (according to the website) is trade your money in a variety of investment sources (stocks, bonds, loans, and commodities) to guarantee the returns well above the market.  They have been in the investment field for over 15 years with all their investment customers being serviced offline, but they are gradually switching to web-based investments.

How It Works -  You can join the site for free, but to earn interest you have to invest some money.  All plans are for 180 business days (business days are Mon.-Fri., excluding Holidays, so 180 days is approximately 8 months) and your original investment will be returned after the 180 business days. They offer 3 investing plans.

(1. First plan has a minimum $20 and earn 1% daily.  Example - If you invest $100, you will earn $1 every day from Monday to Friday, meaning 180 days X $1 = $180 in earned interest + your  $100 original investment for a total of $280 (this if you have your compounding set at 0%).  This is the most realistic and safest plan.
(2. Second plan has a minimum investment of $1,000 and earn 1.25% daily.  I definitely would not risk this high of an investment in any HYIP program.
(3. Third plan has a minimum investment of $5,000 and earn 1.6% daily.  Only people who are out of their mind would invest this much money in any HYIP program.

If you contact your sponsor, they can give you a "code" that will get you a free $10 added to your account, but you must put in an minimum of $10 additional money, to reach the $20 minimum needed to earn daily interest.  They pay you a commission of 5% of your referral's deposits.  All deposits and withdraws are by either LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and BankWire.

What I like - You only make additional money once from your referrals, from the money that they invest, and not from their monthly earnings.  This helps in keeping the program more self sustaining.  Second the minimum withdraw amount is $.30.  Third you can set your daily interest earning compounding rate from 0% to 100% (in increments of 10%), so you can withdraw your interest earnings before the 180 day term.

What I do not like -  Remember that this is still consider an HIGH RISK, HIGH YIELD INCOME PROGRAM (HYIP) and that 98% of all HYIP's will go out of business between 3 months to 5 years from when they go online..

My option -  I feel that it was worth giving Felmina Alliance ( a try.  So I took $50 of the money that I earned from my BannersBroker online business and added it to my $10 free deposit, giving me $60 to start.  I started on Oct. 31 and I have earned $4.80 to date (8 business days x $.60 = $4.80) with 0% compounding rate.

I plan on doing this for the first 84 business days (84 x $.60 = $50.40), withdraw my original $50 investment, then chance my compounding rate to 70% for the remaining 96 business days.  I will update you on my blog in another 2 months (that approx. another 42 business days) on how it is going.

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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