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February 2013 New HYIP Fraud Listing

Mar 4th 2013 at 10:20 AM

Here is the February 2013 HYIP (High Yield Income Program) known fraud listing:
(the list is large for Feb):

Afania/  AIO Finance/  AVA Funds/  Alen System/  AFSA Investment/  Alevrasinvestments
Best Paying HYIP/  Borex Fund/  Berkeley Finance Group
Cashin Tryin
Diamond Asset
Eurex Trade-Eccpub/  Elegant Income/  EuroGain
Findarenamoney/  FxSafely/  Forex Trade Finance/  Financia Ltd/  Finex Trade/  FxGP/  FX Continental/
Fashion HYIP/  Finnexia/  Frmoeg
GISolutions/ Green ROI Ltd/  Green Round/  GoldStep/  Growing Horizon Inc/  Goldfix Investment/  
Gain Money Bank
Invlegend/  Invest Hourly Info/  Invest Perspective/  INV World Fund/  Instantly Pay
Join Invest
Koel Group
Laser Funds/  Lloyds Finance/  Lucky7Days/  Lightraffic
Megakuta/  Monearn Inc./  Mark Ad Funds/  Massive Fund/  Majestic Profits
Niceprofitnow/  Niche Shares
Onward Advertising
Profits-Pay/  Plex Capital/  Prospera Nova/  Pro Invest Corp/  Premier League Profits/  Profitable 2013/
ProFX7/  Profitable Sunrise
Rightinvest/  Rising Earn/  Refer to Wealth/  Royal Profit/  Regards Trade
Strong Relations/  Stock EVO Trade/  Sun7Life/  Stable Inc/ Smart Choice Invest/  Sigma Sum/
Soho Finance/  Sheikh Oil
Traders FX/  Trade Earn/  The Klides/
Usd Trading
World Class Investment
Virgin Capital
24 Earn

Red Flags

Here are some of the red flags that I always look for before I decide to invest money into a HYIP program:

(1. If it is a investment trading site, check to see if the HYIP  has a trading license.  Many countries require investment trading companies to have a trading license to trade with other peoples money.
(2. Check on how long they have been in business.  The longer that have been paying out the better.
(3. Visit the firm’s office if possible.  How many employees do they have? Is anybody there?
(4.  What is the program's website URL expiration date?  A short (1 year or less) expiration date is always a big red flag.  If the program owner(s) expect the program to last, then they will almost always have a 2 or longer year URL expiration date.
(5.  Are the program owner(s) hiding their identities?  If they are then they are trying to protect their identities, so when the program fails, you will not be able to find them.
(6.  Does the program state that their investment earnings are "Risk-Free" or "Guaranteed"?  If so then they are lying to you as NO HYIP investment program is either risk-free or guaranteed and if they willing to lie to you before you even join, then what would stop them from lying to you after you join.
(7.  The program states that they are either located or do business in the US, yet do not follow US income laws.  Example- they do not file 1099 tax forms on affiliates earnings.
(8.  They are being reported on HYIP monitor sites as either "Non-Paying" or "Problem".  Always check a min. of three different HYIP monitor sites as not all HYIP monitor sites update daily.
(9.  Search for "non-biased" reviews on the HYIP.   If the review is only hyping the program to get you to join under them, then it is NOT a non-biased review and you should not believe what they say.

There is no fail safe way to determine whether or not an HYIP is legitimate or fraudulent. Fraudulent HYIP owners will go to extremes in order to make their scam seem legitimate. Keep an eye open for the above red flags or anything else that seems odd to you. Do as much research as you can. Do not put all your eggs in one HYIP program. Diversify your investment portfolio, and finally do not invest more than you are willing to risk. Do not let your greed cloud your judgment. Always work on withdrawing your original investment money "first" before you start compounding any of your earnings.

Your friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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