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Fear And Greed Marketing For Newbies

Mar 3rd 2011 at 7:41 AM

This is a good one, most of the weasels will try to trigger an emotional response from you and this is a time tested technique that works on newbies like a charm. Once your emotions are controlled its just about a wrap, you've been sung a lullaby and your eyes are about to glaze over. Never forget that the weasels are pros and the most common emotional trigges they love to target is fear and greed, in a way we all use that technique just look at the television commercials, they'll scare you half to death if you listen long enough. I'm not saying that all businesses that use triggers are scams I'm just saying that it becomes suspect when its excessive.

 The fear response is a very powerful emotion, when you're scared you normally make quick irrational decisions, if something scares you, you act in a way to take away that fear. I know this is true because in another life I worked in the Mental Health Field. Never forget that the weasels know all this and have no problem tapping into that fear, having trouble paying your bills? Could you be fired from your job? If you don't join now you'll miss out forever! All this crap incites the fear emotion. Greed is the other emotion that the weasels use to get you all worked up, we all have greed and reading the right script or copy activates it and therefore leaving us easy targets.

 I say US, I don't exempt myself from any of this just because I've been around for a minute, I can get caught sleeping just as fast as you if I'm not careful if I allow my ego and pride to slip into my consciousness. Remember we're working on a Marketing mental shift so we must be ever vigilant and allow nothing to take us off our focus if we're to be successful in our endeavors for the freedom we seek. Never, ever make a decision based on greed I don't care how good it sounds,

Become a Millionaire Get Rich Incredible Amazing Profits Make Money Effortlessly Quit your Job These are all words meant to take you off your focus, the weasels can make all these claims seem real because they're masters of illusion, you'll notice that they will never quote a round number and the numbers they do quote can be proven, heck anybody can quote numbers, just think about some of the stuff you read and use your common sense that you were born with, its not that hard. Here's the most important part of this post so I want you to pay particular attention to my next statement. When these two emotions are used in tanden or together you have the most powerful one two scam punch in online marketing history, using fear and greed together is a wet dream for the weasels. Don't even waste you time on this nonsense, after I'm through with you and your mind has made the shift you'll be just fine and will be able to spot the weasel tricks from a mile away.

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