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Jul 12th 2012 at 11:22 PM

Fluid retention and loss of weight

Many adults experience some water retention with subsequent weight gain that happens with this. The daily fluctuations in body weight are commonly caused by

the loss and gain of body fluid.

You may retain up to two or three kilos of water and can be easily hidden in natural fluids surrounding the cells. People with more weight may experience

fluid retention especially if your intake of processed foods is high. For some of them, retention of fluid reaches very high levels, as many as five kilos of

weight in liquid.

There are a few causes of fluid retention, but for many the common cause is an increase of sodium in the diet, which also contributes to high blood pressure

and other health complications. Sodium is present in almost all foods, so when a person more food will inevitably increase the sodium intake. Weight gains

are often a combination of fat accumulation and fluid retention.

The recovery of liquid and weight loss

People who lose weight too quickly usually experience weight regain in a few weeks and is often due to the recovery of all the liquid has been lost.

When the restriction is excessive calories and too fast, the body is forced to use the deposits of carbohydrates and break down muscle tissue to use as

energy. Since both proteins and carbohydrates contain water in their cells, Fat Loss Factor Free a loss of these macronutrients also results in a net loss of water weight. As a result of rapid weight loss, as much as 75% of that loss may come from liquid. After the energy system is stabilized, the water is recovered because the deposits are also recovered carbohydrates and proteins.

It can be confusing when a week lose two kilos, and the next thing. Therefore it is important to approach weight loss the right way.

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