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Fake Internet Marketing Guru`s

Sep 13th 2011 at 1:30 AM

Fake Guru`s

Let`s face it, there are many new marketers out there today. They are getting `sucked in` by these fake marketers. How do they get away with it ?

Are the rules for scamming different in other countries ? I can`t see that they are, can you ?

Lots of questions, that boil down to one thing. Are we going to help these `newbies` or scam them out of the market.

These new video sales pages are beyond a joke. Approx 20 minutes of complete rubbish. Why do all the prices end with a 7 ? E.G; $17, $27, $97 etc.  Very strange indeed.

I, for one do not believe in scamming, or trying to con people out of their hard earned money. I know a few people who do and I just can`t buy into their ethics. It`s totally wrong. The more scammers there are out there, the less sales you will make.

I like to give `newbie` marketers a chance by selling them a website and all the advice and tools they need for $1. I know it sounds cheap, but at least they can see they can trust me.

You can see the website at .

it`s just a simple concept and it works. I am willing to help all the newbies, privately if they wish, to go out there with their head held high, saying `Yes ! I can do it`.

How do you feel about this subject ?

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Sep 14th 2011 at 11:23 AM by RollingEagle
Good deeds come back a thousandfold, man..good for you and I think it's very cool..that is the way to do good business!

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