Facts that you Need to know Before Visiting Your Solar Provider

Oct 9th 2015 at 1:08 AM

There’s a lot of technical speak surrounding solar and not everyone can understand these technicalities. What’s more, the sales people pitching to you might not always be helpful when it comes to demystifying their products. Understanding you decision to install solar power in your home should start with some homework. First, understand the rates offered in the industry. The cost of solar will depend on your consumption tier. If the provider puts you on a high tier, it automatically means you are consuming more and will therefore pay more. You can estimate how much you are likely to pay based on your current consumption. Ironically, there is a higher ROI attached to anyone with higher electricity consumption. This is because you will save a lot more with solar power installation.

Secondly, the necessity for batteries will depend on whether you are going to be on or off the grid. Staying on the grid is important as you will get rebates. However, if it’s more beneficial for you to stay completely off the grid, you will need to invest in enough battery capacity to run your home throughout. You might also need a number of other accessories which you can get from the company for solar in Brisbane. Third, calculate how much energy you will need in the future. If you are just starting a family, you should expect your energy needs to increase as your children grow up. On the other hand, if you anticipate that your family size is about to shrink perhaps because your kids are grown up and are moving out, your energy needs will be minimal. You can even lower consumption by reshaping your consumption habits, such as switching from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent or LED. Your installer should be able to estimate the amount of solar infrastructure that you will need to install, based on your current and projected power needs.


Fourth, most installers insist of the panels being installed facing a certain direction. Direction does not really matter. However, the absence of obstacles does matter a lot. If the panels are shaded, they will not charge well. Fifth, solar increases the value of your home, but this does not necessarily mean that you will be subject to higher property taxes. Check with a tax attorney regarding this before you make any installations. Most governments exempt solar from taxation as they seek to encourage more owners to adopt solar power. Sixth, you also need to conduct some research on solar insurance. Solar panels are a costly investment and you should therefore increase your homeowner’s policy to protect them from damage. Lastly, learn about warranties for Solar panels in Brisbane and also for inverters and accessories. Understand what warranties cover and the extent to which the manufacturer will be liable under these warranties. Once you know the answers to some of these questions, you will have a more productive discussion with your provider.

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