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I am a Vietnam Veteran, and 2005 cancer survivor.

I have been connected to the internet for 16 years. I enjoy being online and the use of new technology. I pass my time designing websites, installing scripts, working with graphics, and running a full time business on the internet for 12 years or more.

Facebook Has A New Timeline Format, Are Your Timeline Covers Current?

Jan 29th 2014 at 4:29 AM

Timeline Covers


Everyone Knows First Impressions Mean "Everything"

If you are using Facebook to make your first impression it is critical to keep up with the
changes of times.

Facebook is constantly changing, the internet is changing; life in general never stands still. That is why you have to "Go With The Flow" at times and keep everything up to date. Likewise, you must keep your business image fresh and appropriate to the current trends.

A picture is worth a thousand words, it can capture (in one instant) a lot that words cannot and we as a society are swiftly becoming more and more visual. We feel, we are motivated and we buy from images that were created for us that describe what the product or service is, and what it will do for us.

In this way, the new Timeline Covers is clever because it allows us to communicate to people using pictures or images rather than directly selling ourselves to social media users and irritate them. When you show them a picture of what you represent (a logo, header, or a banner) image then - SMACK - BANG - as they open up to view your FaceBook page...  you won’t have to say anything more . . .

With the new Timeline Covers you’ve introduced yourself in the most adequate and professional way possible, with an image that best describes your Business or Service!

“Why Would You Even Care About Making An Impression On Facebook?”

Why? Because the fact is... Facebook is the single biggest and hottest social network on the planet. If you want to catch the biggest and the most fish, Go to the pond where they all hang out...

Everyone I know is on Facebook – I wouldn’t be surprised if while you were at work or out shopping, your kids was on it setting up an account and ‘liking’ all of the malls and teenage hangouts.

Before Facebook Timelines, to tap into this massive social network was really hard. Even though you had access to family, friends and potential customers, if you even hinted as to what you do, or the service you offer, you would be shut down!

If you tried to randomly sell to People they would lose their trust in you.

“But Having The New Amazing Facebook Timeline Covers Solves This Promotional Selling Problem”


So if you would like these amazing Timeline Covers to spruce up your timeline, you can see them at the Zaxxa Marketplace.


I have already accessed this fantastic package and it is full of great timelines to use for about any niche!



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