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Facebook Fan Page with BizPagePro to Build Your Business

Jan 8th 2011 at 4:23 PM

With over 500 million members, Facebook is the most popular website in the world.  It represents an outstanding way for businesses to expand by reaching many more current and prospective customers.  An important way to do so is through the creation of a Facebook fan page for business.

This is similar to a regular Facebook page except that it more focused on businesses.  So where to begin?  When you first enroll in Facebook you set up your main personal web page.  Once this is complete you then have the option to create a fan page.

Rather than get into specific details, you will find that the website guides you very effectively through the process.  However there are a number of important things to keep in mind.

First of all decide what you want your page to accomplish.  Do you want to promote your company or its brands or a combination of both?  How will you attract users to your page?  What kind of information do you intend to post on the site?

The preplanning phase is a very important one.  So take your time and try to decide what you want to do with the site.  At this point, you can begin to establish the site and then post information to it.

A very important aspect of business building through the creation of a fan page is to get interested and relevant users to this page.  You want people to visit your site and ultimately register there.

So how will you be able to do so?  There are many different ways to attract users to your site.  One of the most effective and cheapest ways to do so is through viral marketing.  If you already have an established audience of friends and associates you can announce your fan page and encourage members to visit it.

Another very important aspect is to encourage your contacts to tell their contacts about your site.  This is the viral aspect of marketing.  However once you begin to get users to your site, it is very important to provide them with a reason to visit the site and recommend it to others.

Therefore relevant and interesting content is very important.  You can post articles which deal with your industry or are associated with some of the products and services you may offer.

Another thing which many businesses do is to announce special promotions or sales on their sites.  And a great way to attract new users and build your base is to run contests on your site.  In this way many people will be enticed to visit the site.

Normally to participate in a contest the user would have to enroll on your site.  Hopefully they will return to take advantage of other promotions or receive additional information you may post on the site.

But once they are enrolled you have the option to reach out to them separately to promote different things related to your business.  Just remember that is is vitally important to keep your fan page fresh and interesting.

You will want to post messages, videos, pictures and other relevant information on a regular basis.  Otherwise users will have no reason to return to your site.  You want them to keep coming back to your site and certainly want them to recommend your site to other users.

It does take effort but the rewards can be significant.  An especially important fact is that in general, other than your time the cost to establish a presence on Facebook and build business through your fan page is zero.

This certainly makes the use of a Facebook fan page a very desirable and effective way to build your business on a local or worldwide basis.  There are many options when it comes to a good fan page but you can find a great deal of helpful resources to assist you in initially creating and then maintaining it.  Many talented designers are available to work with you on an outsourced basis.

So even if you are not entirely doing this on your own, you can easily find great resources to assist in your business building activities through the creation and promotion of your Facebook fan page.

Harness the Power of Facebook in 2011 with BizPagePro.

Currently there are 550 million Facebook users; this is a massive marketplace and one that many businesses both big and small would love to capitalize on. December 2010 saw the launch of a very clever application called  Biz Page Pro allowing all entrepreneurs one of the most dynamic platforms on which to market their businesses.

Typically, small enterprises and large corporations spend thousands of dollars annually accessing the internet-marketing spectrum, many without success trying to attract their target market. Facebook makes this easy as it is a viral platform and word spreads instantly via known referrals that in turn belong to groups, more friends, and colleagues, the spiral is never ending.

Big businesses are quickly realising that press advertising is not working as well as it used to, less people are accessing news via newspapers but are going online to find the latest headlines. Hence, thousands of dollars are wasted on this kind of marketing. Companies know that their staff access the internet constantly to check their Facebook page, this is ‘interesting’ as this market is drawing all and a place they need to be to market to ‘people who trust people’.

A Direct Route between You and Your Market.

It has never been easier to market to your direct target market that knows you already and has a trust in you. The Biz Page Pro combined with the inherent settings on Facebook provides for companies to market to their target audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional PPC and PPV campaigns.

A Common Question Asked when Meeting a Stranger is “what do you do?”

Quite often, this question is frowned upon, as it is seen as though the questionnaire is trying to peg someone into a position to ascertain his or her mental acuity or financial worth. For many this is not the reason, it has more to do about knowing the person and learning more about another side of life.  Biz Page Pro does exactly that, it offers a platform for you to highlight your services, products and professional status to those that know you well, those that know you through others and those referred to you be friends.

The old adage “It is not what you know, but who you know makes the difference”

Is nowhere more true than on Facebook and powerful introductions that your business needs are here via influential and trusted referrals. Simply put BizPagePro, offers a professionally set side bar embedding your photograph, company logo and profile that provides a tab. This tab opens a separate business page describing your business displaying professional marketing videos designed to promote your business and further tabs where services and products are illustrated. This page maybe linked to a website and other relevant links.

Finally, the buying power of Face book makes it possible for both small and large corporations to harness. Furthermore, it offers an individual business for individuals to promote to colleagues and entrepreneurs who will want to attract the enormous buying power that is Facebook.

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