Eyes ; their caretakers and Ophthalmic Drugs

Sep 13th 2015 at 10:58 PM

Perhaps every human being has understood how important his eyes are when it comes to the point of living day to day life. Imagining life without eyes seems to be very hard. Now eyes are not just important part of our body but, to be frank, it is the most sensitive part of our body as well. Even when small particles of dust enters our eye, we feel like we are going through a lot of pain and irritation. These two eyes, though have natural protection (eyelashes) but also we have to be more careful. There are lots of diseases related to the eyes and we have to go through it even though we don’t want to. Ophthalmic medicines are the drugs that are given for eye diseases and critical eye condition. Someone who provides them is called ophthalmic medicine providers.

Ophthalmic is the term related to the eye. Similarly, the study that deals with the anatomy, disease and physiology of the eyes are known as ophthalmology. The specialist in surgical and medical eye problem are called an ophthalmologist. We commonly address them as doctors, though they have their own identity. Eye doctors or ophthalmologist prescribes medicine after acknowledging our eye problem. We get the prescribed medicine from the ophthalmic medicine provider. These ophthalmic medico providers are also types of specialists in ophthalmology. They have their separate course, like a pharmacy. They require a license to work as ophthalmic medicine provider which they get after the completion of the study. Though people with such license only get to work on the specific field, but it is wise to check the license because there might be cases of fraud. Mostly in developing countries, there are many scenarios where people with little knowledge on the eye-related field run such business with fake documents and license. It becomes helpful if you learn about some of the common ophthalmic drugs. Some of the common ophthalmic drugs are:

Dyes: Some of the medicine under dyes are fluorescent, Rose Bengal, indocyanine green, etc. Fluorescein is used for detection of corneal epithelium loss. Rose Bengal is used for staining dead cells of corneal epithelial.

Anti- inflammatory: they are usually used before post-surgical inflammation. Some of them are Dexamethasone, Prednisolone, and Flurbiprofen etc.

The ophthalmic medicine provider is capable of performing basic eyes checkups and tests. So it is not a crime when ophthalmic drug providers perform basic checkups. They can check your eyes for lenses and glasses, eye infection, etc. They can also recommend you ophthalmic medicines regarding different eye problems, but they are not capable of performing eye surgery and operations.

The ophthalmic medicine providers have knowledge about all the eye related medicine and what they are used for and what they are capable of. You can consult them for normal eye problems and can enjoy their service rather than waiting for your turn in the hospital.

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