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Expert Help with Technical Assignment Writing UK

Nov 5th 2015 at 10:17 PM

Technical writing has its own set of conventions. It is similar to driving a taxi with passengers (readers) who are in a hurry to reach the airport. The reader will not observe your effort if you take a scenic route. It means the rules of literary writing will not be applicable on technical writing at all. If you are an engineering student, you need to be aware of those regulations and restriction that one needs to follow in technical writing.


Tips and tricks for improving technical writing

Here are few tips and tricks to advance your knowledge for writing a technical assignment. Being an engineering student, you will be asked to compose an assignment on the programming language, digital communication, system theory, basic electrical, automata etc. There are many resources available on the internet regarding technical writing. If you require personalized help, you may want to take help from an assignment help.


Define the unfamiliar terms:

  • If you use abbreviations, you should define the term in its first occurrence and put the abbreviations in parenthesis.

Example: Edgertown Great Pond (EGP) is a vital body of water.

  • Italicize first occurrence of unfamiliar terms, and define it right away.

Example: Retina is a light-sensitive tissue found at the back of the eye that converts the lights impulses to nerves impulses.


Use words efficiently:

Avoid using two words when one word will do the work.


Instead of writing this,

The relationship between the nature of salt water to fresh water found in the Edgertown Great Pond that fluctuates often is extremely significant to everyone including scientists, residents and environmentalists.

You can easily write this,

The fluctuating salinity of Edgertown Great Pond concerns scientists, residents, and environmentalists.

Know more tips and tricks like this from an assignment expert who has experience in technical assignment writing.


Place the most important things at first:

Place key information in the main clause so that the readers understand the motive of the sentence.

Example: Despite winning the game, Arsenal made several mistakes in the first half.

Here, the focus should be on a mistake, not winning the game.

Despite making several mistakes in the first half, Arsenal won the match.

If the focus is winning the match,

The Arsenal won the match despite making several mistakes in the first half.


Remove redundancy:

When writing an engineering assignment, coding, chart and graph consume most of the assignment. So try to explain your actions in minimum words. Combine two similar sentences when possible. This will not be a strenuous job if you appoint assignment writing UK services for guidance.


Example: The water quality of Hawk River declined in March. This decline occurred because of the heavy rainfall that month.

You can combine these two sentences easily like,

Water quality of Hawk River declined in March because of heavy rainfall.


Use details wisely:

Most of the engineering students use every detail in their assignments. But this can cost the attention of the readers. Here is how you should arrange your subject details.



The number of particular hydrocarbon combinations in our study is enormous. For instance, the number of possible C20 H42 is 366, 319 and the number of C40 H82 is 62, 491, 178, 805, 831.



The number of particular hydrocarbon combinations in our study is enormous. For instance, the number of possible C20 H42 is 60 trillion.

Author Bio:

Abigail Summer, a thesis writer

Abigail enjoys helping students all over the world with thesis writing. This dedicated writer knows how to pull off complicated tasks like thesis. Her industry experience in finance firms made her an expert in solving finance assignment problem. You just have to contact in case you need her to help you on your finance assignment writing or thesis writing.

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