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Experience earns Credibility

Aug 8th 2010 at 12:52 PM

What Business Opportunity would you trust more?

  • A one that just comes along with a big and expensive appearing built pre-launch campaign, announcing a huge Launch that will make every member a Millionaire over night, a Launch- and After-Launch-party, “with Party girls and Strippers for every participant” and “Champagne for Free”?
  • Or a Business Opportunity that has proven ten thousands of times that it works, that it pays, that it pays always and on time, and that through persistent and continuous work by the member DOES set them financially free?

If you are new to the Internet and the Internet Marketing Industry, or if you are a seasoned Marketer already, looking for new or more Business Opportunities: You definitely have noticed that there are at least three to five new Business Opportunities being “pre-launched” every week (also one of the excesses of these “modern times”: A Business is not announced anymore to start at a certain date, but there is a “Pre-Launch Notice” only to the “Super-Affiliates” and the known “Mega-Recruiters”, so they get an advantage over everybody else (fairness in business? ethics?), then there comes the so called “Pre-Launch”, where everybody can build their Team already upfront, and then some when the Opportunity itself “goes live”) that promise you “Heaven on Earth”. Many if not most of them have a very short life span and disappear again after a few weeks or months, leaving behind all the members that believed in getting into a serious Business, now being disappointed, frustrated, doubting in their own abilities and being mad on the owner of that certain Business Opportunity who in their opinion – and probably for real – had filled his pockets in a quite doubtful way.

Of course: Upfront nobody can ever know if a business will succeed or won’t; only time will tell. And most probably also the creator of that certain Business Opportunity thought it will survive for a long time to come; I’m not here to tell that every inventor of a new system is a cheater and has bad intentions.

I’m not the judge here.

I’m only long enough Online already to have seen "x" amount of Business Opportunities come and go, and many being claimed more or less publically a SCAM afterwards. Well, that’s exactly it: AFTERWARDS... when “the child has fallen into the well” already and the money to join is gone for good. The only thing left then is the one judgment more one has, and this feeling “I should have seen it coming”...

Having said all this - and you probably having recognized yourself one, two, three times in these lines - let’s get back to the "happy side" of life: The Good Business Opportunities and the ones proven to work!

One of the oldest and most reliable Business Opportunities in Internet Marketing to MY knowledge is GDI, or Global Domains International.

Founded in 1999, more than 11 years ago, the owners obtained the exclusive and global rights to use and market the Domain ending .ws, which originally stood for West Samoa; like .us for United States or .de for Germany (Deutschland), but today it is used the more common way as WebSite.
They, from the beginning, set on a Multi Level Marketing strategy to market their product, where every member earns according to their own effort and gets a share of the membership fee of everyone he refers personally and indirectly, five levels deep.
The principle wasn’t new (MLM has a history of more than 100 years*) but it was the first time it was applied on an Internet Business Opportunity since also the Internet itself was still relatively new and in its infancy.

And since then there has not been one incident where GDI has NOT fulfilled their obligations to pay their members and to pay them on time! GDI also is listed in “500Inc.”, a list of the 500 most successful and fastest growing Businesses in the United States and is recognized there amongst the TOP 50!

Imagine that... already 11 years on the market and still one of the fastest and strongest growing Business Opportunities! Can’t be that bad then, can it?

So, what is it you would be doing here?

You sell a Domain Name to the prospects choice, including website hosting, a website builder, marketing strategy training and tools, and a well organized Backoffice, to track all your efforts effectively and efficiently.
All on a monthly basis and, with an upfront Free 7-day Trial.
You may refer as many people as you want, who all will go to your frontline, meaning: onto your first level!
Then you show and teach them how to do the same, which will then grow your Team, your Organization, into depth. And on five levels depth you will earn from those Team Members. How much do you earn? US$1 each.

“Ohhhh! Just $1? Where’s the Business there?”

Well, $1 may not seem much to you and individually it definitely isn’t either.

But think further:

  • If you’ve got five personally referred people on your frontline... well... it’s $5... still “not the World”.
  • But then those five people also get 5 people each: 5 x $5 = $25. OK, a little better already; and you are just in your second level...
  • Now these 25 people refer 5 people each... 5 x $25 = $125! Ahaaa! Third level!
  • And those 125 people get 5 each: 5 x $125 = $625! Fourth level!
  • ... x 5 = $3,125 on your fifth level, or, all in all $3,905 in five levels... for YOU referring just five people!

Na? Na? Na?

NOW it looks a bit more interesting already, ha?

And now imagine this number game with 6 people, or with 10... or 20, 100, 500...
Sure... you will not get that many people within the next week or two. It takes time. But the possibilities are endless!

Impossible is nothing!

So, what is your next step now?

You click on the Link provided at the bottom of this page, watch a 9-minute Flash Presentation where it all gets explained again in a more picturesque manner and then you sign up for YOUR “.ws”-WebSite in a Free 7-day Trial.
This website you can use for any purpose that comes to your mind:
To sell an own or affiliate product or service, to publish a Blog, to promote yourself on the web... What...e...ver!
And then you use the tools and tips provided in the Backoffice or the ones you know already as successful and working to promote this Business Opportunity to others, get referrals, and start earning money from that side, too (assuming you do earn already with your website itself!).

I wish you all the success you want and deserve and will be there for you for any question you might have (my contact information is provided when signing up).

To see the Flash Presentation click here:
==> GDI Flash Presentation

Let The Success Always Be With You!

*Source: First Class MLM

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