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Exercises to Increase Vertical Leap Fast

Aug 10th 2012 at 10:59 PM


Speed ​​and strength are important components of athletes movement. With improved strength, vertical jump, including a player's overall performance is gaining increasing.


Such as jumping, bounding, hopping and jumping exercises with various different methods have been used to enhance performance, and increase vertical leap.


Not only beneficial to the performance of players are jumping exercises, the fitness increases.


The following jumping exercises have been used and tested by players and coaches vertical leap, and to enhance performance.


4 lower body jumping the following exercises to increase vertical leap


1) limit - with the right leg started running after pushing off, and with a left leg forward to expanding growth (knee bent and thigh parallel to floor).


At the same time, the left arm should reach forward for more speed. For a brief extension of time to organize for development, and then landing on his left foot and immediately leap forward again jump wikipedia.




Recommended a set of 30-40 meters are three sets.


2) interruption Hopping - This jumping exercise in hip and knee for jump movements are required. Barriers are set up in a row and a fair distance away spaced.


2 feet for standing upright, and then immediately jump ahead of obstacles or jump on next spring break.


Lift with your knees, chest and land on the balls of the feet tucked, and immediately after exercise in order to continue to blame the next jump.


Increase vertical jump and swing to balance the use of weapons.


Set of recommended practices for the jump from 6 to 8 hurdles (36 inches high) are one to three sets.


3) to Single Leg Hopping - This jumping exercise aimed Stand on one leg, leg up and push, jumping forward and landing on one leg is  Click here.


To move forward as a balance against the leg and use. With each jump, the high jump.


Recommended jumping exercise set is three to one at 30-40 meters.


4) Tuck jump - Standing straight, jump up both knees, chest bills.


Starting position as leg, feet on ground balls to go back and immediately add a quick movement in the spring.


With practice, then jump, high jump, with the aim of every spring.


Recommended for this exercise vertical leap jump from one to three sets of 10 repetitions.


Remember that if your first attempt at these jumping exercises, it's always a personal trainer for maximum performance and to consult with counsel to prevent injuries.


Jumping exercises above are just a few, and aim to increase vertical leap.


Moreover, it is suggested jumping exercises for vertical jump performance in their role plays in a sustainable manner.


As always, the quality of each jumping exercise is far more important than quantity.


So for most of the jumping exercise is focused on technology.


Better quality, better as a jumping exercise, which has better impact strength, and a vertical jump will increase.


Start out small and gradually increasing exercise over a period of time. This means that these exercises 7 days a week is not necessary to jump. Look at 3 to 4 days a week, allowing muscles to relax.


In addition, a large bore to perform jumping exercises often, resulting in lack of leadership and will encourage. For best results with these jumping exercises is to workout less.


Importantly, each jumping exercise track. Note repetitions of each exercise, jump distance, and altitude.




Some other suggested jumping exercises are split jumps, from a box height, depth jump from a standing jump. If you have more unique jumping exercises (or plyometric exercises) that will take your vertical jump really want, check the link below.


Finally, before any exercise, it is important that any jump in the heat before and after exercise and stretch muscles.


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