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Exciting News!

Dec 13th 2010 at 10:14 AM

Exciting News!

Low Cost Money Transfer Services and MasterCard Prepaid Debit Cards Are Here!

All over the world there are tens of millions of people who have great difficulty receiving desperately needed funds from their loved ones. These are the unbankable people of the world. And when funds do reach them, the high money transfer costs often greatly diminish the final payout. At Club-Asteria we recognize that this is one of the greatest financial problems that perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

We have partnered with the best financial professionals in the world to put together a service that will revolutionize the way you send money home to help your family and loved ones. As a Gold Member of Club-Asteria, you will receive an Asteria Club account that provides you access to online banking and your individual electronic wallet. This will give you the freedom to bank whenever and wherever you want. You can check your balance and transfer funds to your loved ones anywhere in the world. You can fund your e-Wallet by sending money via bank wire, credit card, by using the online payment system available from 24 top banks in the world, by mobile phone transmissions and of course via receipts of your commissions from Club-Asteria.

Your cost for this service is a one-time fee of 2.5% when you deposit funds into your e-Wallet. This is the ONLY FEE that you will be charged for the utilization of your account and all of the money transfers that you want to make. For example, if you deposit $100 into your account, the cost will be $2.50. After that if you want to send funds to five family members, friends or loved ones, your cost would already be covered by the $2.50 taken out of your account (equaling 50 cents per transmission) - there are NO OTHER CHARGES! In addition, we offer the absolute best international currency conversion rates.

Your mobile phone can be used as an account management tool. Most importantly Asteria Club Members can transfer funds to themselves, other members, and check their balance via their mobile phones. SMS text is a way to use your mobile phone to check your account balance, and transfer money instantaneously all over the world. Your loved ones receive the money that you want them to have immediately in real time.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to purchase a MasterCard Prepaid Card. Funds sent to you via SMS text on your mobile phone can immediately be transferred to this MasterCard Prepaid Card. You can then use your Card to buy products and services anywhere in the world where MasterCard is accepted. The MasterCard Prepaid Cards can be issued anywhere in the world and come with chip and pin security that increases the safety to the card owner and reduces fraud risk. There are no credit checks or monthly or yearly maintenance fees for the MasterCard Prepaid Card.

Exceptional Benefits to Club-Asteria Members:

    • Your personal e-Wallet
    • Online Banking-Mobile Banking (SMS)
    • International Instant Money Transfers
    • Real Time Online Payments
    • Instant Access to Commissions from Club Asteria
    • Multiple MasterCard Prepaid Cards Available For Your Loved Ones
These financial services will prove to be one of the greatest benefits of your Club-Asteria membership.


Club-Asteria Shares Its Vision For The Future

With the help of our Network Directors and members we have finalized our Vision for 2011-2012. With the help and dedication of each of our members we can accomplish what we are setting out to do to make great positive changes in the world. It is the cumulative effort of all of our members that makes this vision achievable.

Srinivasu Petchetti

We have a dream to accomplish that which government, big business and financial institutions have failed at for generations - that is in our life time to finally end the cycle of poverty that exists around the world. We know that we cannot change the world over night and that we cannot solve every problem, but we can lead the charge and set an example for others to follow.

Our goal for 2011-2012 is to give away to the most needy people in the world 10,000 computers/smart phones, to build 1,000 fresh water wells for clean drinking water, to help support on a monthly basis 20,000 families living in poverty around the world, to provide 5,000 micro credit loans to entrepreneurs desperately seeking a better life, and to provide an entrepreneurial educational experience to over one million people.

We will accomplish this goal through the combined efforts of all of our loyal, dedicated members and our partnership agreements with our service providers. Our goal is to bring our membership to 500,000 Gold and Silver members in 2011. Our members will benefit greatly by being able to transfer their earned commissions and uploaded funds to their loved ones all over the world and to be able to take advantage of the products and services offered through Club Asteria. Club Asteria in order to accomplish our goals, is committed to donating 100% of our share of the earnings from our financial partnerships and service providers. These funds will be distributed to the Club Asteria non-profit organization that will manage the donations earmarked for 2011-2012.

The budget for the 2011-2012 donation goals is as follows:

10,000 computers/smart phones @ $500 each

$ 5,000,000

1,000 fresh water wells @ $5,000 each

$ 5,000,000

Supporting 20,000 families @$60 per month = $1,200,000 x 12 months


Giving 5,000 micro credit loans @$550 on average

$ 2,750,000

Providing education to one million people online




I'm a proud member of the Network Director Team, and I invite you
to join us TODAY in our Team Club Asteria by clicking this link HERE!

Thanks again for reading!
John Muyris
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