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Everything Free!

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MARKETING POND NETWORK  ValClicks Click name to visit/join.

Get paid to view advertisers websites.
Earn on direct referrals website views.
Earn on direct referrals purchases.
Earn on direct referral upgrades.

Payout: PayPal and AlertPay

 FreebiesNCash Click name to visit/join.

FreebiesNCash is new and it is the one main program listed in MarketingPond that is not free. It does offer a free 1 day pre-enrollment. Be sure to read their FAQ page.

FreebiesNCash is a business opportunity that is very affordable to the masses. They list items and services that people can get for free....freebies.

*Forced matrix. No qualifications to Earn.

*Upgrade options: AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, Money Order

*Payout options: AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, Check

 Advert Pond Click Name to visit/join.

AdvertPond is a brand new program owned by the Marketing Pond Network. AdvertPond is a text ad exchange with quality advertising.

*Three membership options
*Earn as a Free, Pro, or Gold member
*Contests and Prizes


*ADMIN: Valerie Underhill, Tennessee - USA

 Viral Pond Click Name to visit/join.

*Earn 20% as a free member on referral upgrades
*Earn 50% as a paid member on referral upgrades
*Minimum cashout-$10

*VP focus is on two international residual income opportunities.
*Cashout: PayPal, Check.
*ADMIN: Valerie Underhill, Tennessee - USA

 Readers Pond Click Name to visit/join.

Lots of ways to earn.
Low cashouts.
$0.01 sign up bonus.
One level of referrals %15.
Earnings vary dependent upon advertisers package options.
Paid to Read.
Paid to Click.
Paid to Signup.
Paid to do Offers.

*Commission Options: PayPal, Check, Money Order, Gift Cards
*Many countries allowed.
*Cash out: $4 tadpoles, $3 treefrogs, $2 toadfrogs, $1 bullfrogs, $1 cent goliathfrogs.
**Random mass payouts at $1.
***Allowed countries : Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

*ADMIN: Valerie Underhill, Tennessee - USA  Traffic Wave Profits Click Name to visit/join.


Are there really any secrets to marketing online? The answer is no. There is a lack of knowledge. Traffic Wave Profits relays so called various secrets and places you, in the know.

You'll discover the secrets as a free member. You can earn income as a free member too. There is an upgrade option.
The ID you enter into the slot, will be your referral ID that is given to you by TrafficWaveProfits. EXAMPLE : 1234. Be sure to scroll down this page and click UPDATE to save your ID after entry.


*ADMIN: Valerie Underhill, Tennessee - USA

 WootMoo Click name to visit/join

CLICK TO EARN PROGRAMS  GeoString Click name to visit/join.

Site May Be Very Busy, Try Again Later If Down

Get $10.00 Free for signing up
10 Levels
Unlimited Width

Payout: Check

*ADMIN: John McConnell, Tennessee - USA.

 Clix Sense Click Name to visit/join.

ClixSense will pay you for clicking on adverts within your clixsense member area.
In addition, they allow you to convert your clixsense to credits.
Credits can be used for placing your advertisement.
Pays you 10% of the revenue collected by those you sponsor.
8 Referral Levels for Premium members.

*There is an optional upgrade. The optional upgrade is $10 per year. NEW FREE UPGRADE OPTION. When you have accumulated $10 in earnings, you can use it to be upgraded! As an upgraded member you earn $2 for each member you sponsor that upgrades. You will also earn $1 per upgraded member down 8 levels.
NEW - 10% of the ad value for each ad your Premium first level downline members view! Note: To earn the additional commissions you must be a Premium ClixSense member.
Upgrading is strongly suggested.
*ADMIN: John McConnell, Tennessee - USA.
 Word Linx Click Name to visit/join.

Works similar to clixsense. Members are paid for visiting advertisers website for 15 or 30 seconds.
Payout is a low $10.
You must have a paypal account in order to be paid.
Payouts are closely immediate
Optional earnings may be converted to advert credits.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
*Earn $0.01+ Per Click. *Earn 1% Per Referral. *Earn 5% Per Sale.
*Special Level Bonuses.

*ADMIN: Richard Sturdy

 Hits 4 Pay Click Name to visit/join.

It is a favorite. Very easy.
Log in to your own hits 4 pay email box within the member area, view ads for credit.
Easy, no clogged up email account, and very professional.
You get $10 just for signing up.

*Contact them if you want their advertising rates.
*PayOut: PayPal

 Deals N Cash Click Name to visit/join.

This program is one of the highest paying in the industry.
Available to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

*$5 sign up bonus. Earn up to 5 cents per email.
*Earn 2 cents per email read by those you sponsor.
*PayOut: PayPal
 Clicksia Click Name to visit/join.

* Paid to Click
* Paid to Sign Up
*Traffic Exchange
* PTP $0.10 CPM
* $1.00 Minimum Payout
*10% Downline Earnings

Payout: PayPal and AlertPay

INTERNATIONAL PTR  Donkey Mails Click Name to visit/join.

One of the largest paid to read email programs with over 100,000 members.
Loads of ways to earn free money!
5 Referral levels of commission.
Level 1 - 5%. Level 2 - 4%. Level 3 - 3%. Level 4 - 2%. Level 5 - 1%.
No Minimum payouts!

*Lots of various low cost advertising packages.
May convert earnings to advertising.

 No Minimum Click Name to visit/join.

Paid to Click. Paid to Read e-mails. Get Paid To Signup.
No Minimum Payout on e-gold.
Low Payout for Paypal, alertpay (1.00 $).
6 Referral levels: 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%.

*You can get paid every day with this program.
*Low advertising packages. Can convert earnings and points to advert credits.
*International.  Matrix Mails Click Name to visit/join.

Online since 2002.
Get paid to sign up offers.
Get paid to click and visit sites.
Get paid to play games.
Get paid to write articles.
Get paid to search the Internet.
Get paid to refer other people up to 6 Levels.

*Payments via Paypal, E-gold or Stormpay. Only $2 payout limit.
*This program is fully international.

 Owens Click Place Click Name to visit/join.

Earn 20% of your Level 1
Earn 5% of your Level 2
Earn 5% of your Level 1 Referral Purchases!

*Cashout: $5 PayPal and EGold

PAID TO DO OFFERS  Treasure Trooper Click Name to visit/join.

Online since 2005, Treasure Trooper is highly credible.
NEW!!! Now Get Paid Up to $60.00 Month Clicking Cash Links!!!
Get paid for completing offers (loads of free offers), get paid in contests and more.
2 referral levels.

*Refer your friends to TreasureTrooper and get 20% of whatever they make for life!
*You'll get 5% of anybody that your friends refer.
**Anyone age 13 and over may join.

 Cash Crate Click Name to visit/join.

Members are earning a lot of money at Cash Crate.
After enrolling, register at their forum to view screen shots of member checks.
Two referral levels. You earn 20% on level 1 and 10% on level 2.
Receive a $3.00 bonus for each referral who meets $10 minimum.

*Lots of ways to earn and minimum payout is $20.
*Anyone age 13 or older may join.
*Payout Options: PayPal or Check.

 Inbox Dollars Click Name to visit/join.

Online since the year 2000. One of the longest running paid to read programs online.
They don't overwhelm your inbox with messages.
Within the member area is a large assortment of ways to make ads, sign up offers, and more.
Receive $5 just for signing up.
Earn $5 when your referrals receive their first check payment!

*Request payout at $30.
*NEW - FREE Gold Membership with first cashout request.
*ADMIN: Dan Cotter, Minnesota - USA  Send Earnings Click Name to visit/join.

Get $5.00 just for signing up.
InBoxDollar sister site.
Earn 10% of Earnings received by your referrals.
Be rewarded instantly when your referrals earn cash.

*Cashout: $30 - Check
*NEW - FREE Gold Membership with first cashout request.
*ADMIN: Dan Cotter, Minnesota - USA

 Squishy Cash Click Name to visit/join.

Get Paid for completing free offers.
Contests and Prizes
Earn a percentage of what your referrals click.
Commissions paid monthly.
Earn on 3 referral levels!

*Payout Options: PayPal, Check, Various Gift Cards.

 Prize Live Click Name to visit/join.

Totally International!
Highly professional
1 Point = $1.00
Instant PayPal payouts
Can cashout once every day!
Hot Prizes and Cash


*This program looks HOT! HOT! HOT! EASY MONEY  Big Crumbs Click Name to visit/join.

*Choose 'CrumbEarner' on the enrollment page.
Get paid rebates on your own shopping.
Get paid down 5 levels!
Get paid back a portion of the ebay seller fees every time you shop at ebay.

*Payout by PayPal only.
*USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and United Kingdom.
**Read their FAQ.  Blast Off Network New! More info arriving soon! Blastoffnetwork can be thought of as a bit similar to BigCrumbs in that you can build a community plus earn cashback down multiple levels.  People String Click Name to visit/join.

Free members earn 5% of their direct referrals earnings and 2% of all earnings on levels 2 through 6. You also earn $.50 cents for each member you sponsor that completes the brief survey. Be sure to complete the survey as it only takes about one minute and is a basic questions.

 Joini5 Click Name to visit/join.
Take note, this program was previously called 'The Bar'

Follow the steps. Sign up and Download the bar. You can click 'My Money' at any time to see your stats. Pays you for doing searches and more. Pays you for clicking on ad links. If you use tabs and new windows, open a new tab, click on the icon, click the ads and you will see your earnings rise on the bar.

*They also have BMail. You can get a BMail account and get paid for viewing ads in the BMail too.
*Can request payout at : $10.00 by way of PayPal (may be more options)
**Pays down 7 levels
**USA - International earn very soon first quarter of 2009. Internationals can still sign up!

Earning Instructions:

Make sure you have downloaded THE BAR.
Step 1 Take a look at the Search area where you see The BAR...look to the far right where it says Login. Login.
Step 2 Now that you are logged in follow one of these options. Only one or combine them.
OPTION 1. Click the "Classifieds" drag down and click on categories ie: vehicles, personal, will then get directed to the category area. On far right click on the 3 ads for 5 seconds.
OPTION 2. Click the "SEARCH" drag down and choose search engine ie: Google, Yahoo, will see ads appear on the left side of the page. Click on ads the 2 ads for 5 seconds.
OPTION 3. Click on the "ER" button. This will bring up an ad on the left of your screen. Click on the ad and view it for 5 seconds min.
Step 3 Repeat these steps and see the money grow. You will get paid 4/10 of a cent per view...
and 3/10 of a cent for everyone you refer to view. You can view up to 50 ads per day. Invite as few as 5 people to do what you have done and the numbers will multiply...You just need to get 5 people you know to follow these same steps everyday and view only 5 ads and you could make up to $41,000 per month.
*More than one account per household IS allowed.

 Yuwie Click Name to visit/join.

Social Network that PAYS YOU!
Highly professional.
You DON'T want to miss this one!

*Pays on TEN LEVELS!
*Payout options : PayPal or Check
**$5 payout with PayPal  My Lot Click Name to visit/join.

Low $10 monthly payout option.
Earn free money by posting and responding to discussions.
Receive 25% of your referrals earnings too!
They say My Lot is addictive. Let's find out!

*Payouts made to PayPal and E-Gold.
*Some countries excluded.

 Gazelle Click Name to visit/join.

For this program, your referral id to insert into the box here is going to look like this: vunderhill9829 <= in other words, you will enter the info that is after the = symbol in your referral url.

This is an easy way to pick up extra money. You get paid for items you no longer user or want. Primarily electronics like old cell phones. They even send you a box and pay the shipping. You just collect the money. You also earn on those you refer that sell their items.

 Share A Pic Click Name to visit/join.

Share pics and get paid.

*Cashout: $20.00 - PayPal net 7 biz days from request.

 Wigix Click Name to visit/join.

This program will be HUGE!
New in beta
Refer your friends and get 2 free transactions on Wigix
Buy and Sell
Community Driven Market Place
Level 1: 4% of advert & transaction fees generated by the pages your refs own
Level 2: 2%
Level 3: 1%

*Cashout: PayPal and Check

PROGRAMS IN REVIEW  VMail Network New in Beta, Free, USA Only.

Earn through 10 generations! Get paid 1 cent back after verifying your paypal address. Get paid 25 cents the next day. Get 1 dollar applied to your account after enrollment verification.

Payout by way of PayPal and Check

 Read Bud This program is international and free.

You get paid for reading and rating articles...and it is mighty easy, fun, and interesting. You'll also earn $5 for every confirmed member you refer.

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles


*Payout Option: PayPal

Be sure to check at least 50 categories of interest

TRAFFIC EXCHANGES  ThumbVu Click program name above to visit/join.

Experience social media branding and high quality advertising with this unique and innovative program that is sure to become one of your most potent marketing tools online.

Free members earn 10%

Upgraded members earn 50%

PS. This IS the absolute best TE that I have ever used. Be sure to read the oto's and it is worth it.

 Easy Hits 4 U Click Name to visit/join.

1:1 Traffic Exchange.
Earn Traffic Credits.
Earn Cash.
5 Referral Levels.

*Payout Options: PayPal, E-Gold. Low payout: $3

Get a free website like this with all your Referral IDs inserted + more!

Visit Marketing Pond NOW for more information and FREE signup!

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