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Enhance vehicle powered by modified car fuel supply systems approach

Sep 15th 2015 at 11:51 PM


There are many methods to improve vehicle dynamics, nissan ignition coil it said today we mainly to improve automotive power through modified car fuel supply systems approach. Simple and practical.

1. Increase the air flow, reducing the intake resistance method. By facelift high flow air filter can reduce engine intake resistance, while increasing intake air per unit of time when the engine is running. If so do you also felt not enough, it can also be adapted for the entire air filter cartridge type filter leakage, which is the industry known as the "mushroom head" thing. This will further reduce the intake resistance, which increases the engine's intake air. So that fuel can be completely combusted mixer.

2. Change the inlet shape method. Increase the intake air flow rate. The main modification is modified inlet shape and material. Change the shape of the inlet, the demand suddenly full time first, to be able to intake pressure accumulator, this can supply throttle acceleration. The second is to increase the flow rate of intake air, providing more air to the engine. Modified material, the material requirements are theoretically not endothermic and light weight. More high-end use of the material is modified carbon fiber, characterized by light weight, no heat, but the drawback is too expensive.

3. The use of secondary intake improved volumetric efficiency law. The second is in addition to the air cleaner intake air sucked outside, in a recent engine PCV piping external device, and then use the intake manifold vacuum pressure difference between the right amount of fresh air is introduced into to improve volumetric efficiency purposes. This modification method is mainly reflected in the increase in power intake valve opening smaller low-speed stage.

4. Improved throttle method. There are two ways to improve throttle, one faster action servo motors replace the electronic throttle adjustment. Second, the single throttle valve to dual throttle, this structure is also called multi-Throat direct injection. Multi-Throat greater volumetric efficiency compared to single-throat, but the conversion cost is relatively large.

5. Increase engine displacement method. By profiteering cylinder boring to increase the diameter of the cylinder and then replace a matching piston. 452204-5005S Turbocharger Engine displacement will be some increase, but at the same time fuel consumption will increase, after all, a lot more power output thing.

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