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Chakra balancing, cleansing and meditation, is my work. So I always set Energy, Health and Vitality first. If these basic elements are in order, You should have a very good Life Style. And It is fantastic for Your;
emotion, your thoughts, and your actions.
I also love to write; poem, read, travel,golf,photo...if you want to know some more about me and Norway, You are warmly welcome to visit my blog;
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Thank`s for all "the nice message and comment" I am so sorry for late replay. I have not been here for a while. I have travel a lot...)See you around. Sending love and light, beauty and lots of Joy.

Enforce these remedies to relieve stress each day to keep a healthy body and mind.

Sep 15th 2011 at 2:44 AM


7 Simplest Remedies To Relieve Stress




There are numerous methods involved in the reduction of stress. For this article, I shall look at the simpler ones.  Yoga, Tai Chi and sport may not be something you are accustomed to doing each day. Other than exercise and hitting the pharmaceutical cupboard, there are even simpler remedies to relieve stress. Here is a checklist of items to action each day.

1.Early to bed, early to rise. The expression fits well into a balanced day though its more about the controlled sleeping patterns. It’s not a good thing to have only a few hours of sleep each night. Have a good night’s sleep; 7 hours each night fits well into a stress relieving pattern.

2.Don’t drink vast amounts of caffeine as this disrupts your daily balance. If you are prone to drinking too much caffeine, try cutting down and fit some decaffeinated coffee and tea into your day. Yes, caffeine gives you a burst of energy to enable you to feel more alert but the effect is short.

3.Eat lots of fruit, get the needed daily vitamins.  Apples and bananas are very healthy supplements as part of your daily food intake. Bananas are not fattening and apples help the immune system. Don’t eat too much processed food; concentrate on drinking and eating the required vitamins.

4.Salt raises your blood pressure, so keep an eye on salty foods being consumed. Higher blood pressure will contribute to your stress levels and is a killer.

5.Look back over the past week at the positive aspects that made you feel good. Did something occur that attracted an experience of joy and laughter? Send some time focusing on that moment as it will allow you to attract good feelings into your mind and smother any negative impact from the day.

6.If you must reach for pharmaceuticals, try some antioxidants. Speak to your local pharmacist initially about remedies to relieve stress.  There are various remedies that protect you from heart disease and lower your blood pressure.

7.Afternoon naps can help...)) (Yoga, Qigong, Golf,  1-2 hours out in the nature. is wonderful. Don`t forget to listen to beautiful music. and if you not have try meditation. Do it...If you work from home, or are on the road a lot, find times in the day to relax this way. This is particularly effective if you tend to work irregular hours. This will make you feel more rested and generally more willing to face the day ahead.


Enforce these remedies to relieve stress each day to keep a healthy body and mind. Set a time that is convenient to perform the tasks, and stick to a schedule that works around your other daily commitments.


Don’t let stress control you; it can only do that if you allow that to happen.

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4 latest flower (power). I made this deco on my cottage last week-end.

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