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E-Mail reply from GreenWin! Networks founder and CEO

Dec 31st 2010 at 1:12 PM

Just an other blog post...

Dear Blog Reader,

below please find a copy of an E-Mail that GreenWin! Network's founder and CEO, Christian Fortune, sent to one of the members replying to some questions he had.

Sorry for the delay in publishing it here, but I as it contains important and exciting, yet no time-critical news I guess it's better to read it late than never.

So here's the E-Mail clarifying certain doubts:

"Yes I got back on Tuesday evening with just a couple of hours delay at Gatwick…had a good and productive time over there. I really do need the sun and warmth…function better with a few rays on me lol

Re the PEPs. I don’t think we will need to sell all the allocated PEPs…but they are there if needed.

Re the SIMs. The pricing is still to be fixed but the basic card including data will be around 40 euro for the year…then there will be upgrades for more data. We estimate feb for the cards to be deployed.

Re the portal and Mobi portal…The telecom team are trying to release the 1st beta mobi portal by tomorrow…so we will see if they manage it. The mega portal might be on time for end of year or it might roll over into Jan…again this depends on the portal team and how far they get.

Re the generators….When the mini generators are ready any one will be able to buy one.

We will be moving into the next phase of development in Jan. Now that we have a much clearer picture of the several fields of activity and development and Joint Ventures, we can implement the structures to manage those processes. This will include some restructuring and organization of the different core activities as we move more and more into joint ventures. GreenWin Group will become the new holding company that will own all the technology, patents and systems….GWG will license its subsidiaries and JV partners to operate in certain regions and fields of activity.

This will mean that GWN will be developed further and run by a JV partner company…GW Telecoms, Mobi Sight, GW Power, GW Energy will all come under the same structure.

GWG will sit in the back ground developing the systems and services then licensing these into multiple countries.

We have some truly amazing things happening now with Mobi Sight with mobile service providers and top name companies wanting to have it…but I will reveal more about that after the holidays.

With the restructuring we will transfer the stakeholder peps to GWN…This will mean that stakeholders have a cut of all the activities controlled by GWG…we are then in a position to move swiftly towards an IPO when we are ready to do so.

Have a good holiday…



I hope you find it as exciting as we, the existing members of GreenWin! Network do and it inspired you to become a member, too!?


Here's to clarify some terms Christian used throughout his E-Mail:

PEPs - Private Equity Points; not publically negotiable shares in the company

SIM - GreenWin! Network will release its own, globally to be used, SIM Card for Cell Phones. You can use it either in your own, existing Cell Phone or as one of the two SIM cards in the to-be-released G-Phone

MobiPortal / Mobi Sight - A Platform for SmartPhones to be used to access all kinds of GreenWin! Network 's Telecommunication features

Generators - An other of GreenWin! Group's ventures: Electric Power Generators using only recyclable energies like wind, water and sun. Small generators just about anybody can buy for his own use in garden or beach houses, while big ones will input the generated power into existing Power Grids, and households then can purchase such " GreenWin! Power / GreenWin! Energy" for less than they pay now for atomic or coal power. PLUS: a certain percentage of the fees will be used to plant new trees throughout the world, but especially in "The World's Lung", the Amazon Rainforrest.

Remember: Membership in GreenWin! Network is always FREE, but even as a FREE Member you are entitled to earn commissions on your downline's monetary transactions.

Let The Success Always Be With You!

Cheers from Lima, Peru

Thomas Jungblut


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