Effective Video Mail Marketing

Aug 25th 2010 at 5:37 PM

There are many ways to market your business online, but videos have the highest brand awareness factor of any media. In a study by Dynamic Logic MarketNorms, videos have a higher advertising awareness factor than banner ads, skyscraper and rectangular ads.


Videos can be used in two ways, 1) a pull approach where you post your videos on YouTube or your web site and drive users to view them, and/or 2) a push approach where you send your video to the client or prospect with a video mail service such as Video marketing should be included in your overall strategy, and a combination of pull/push methods can be very effective. Both YouTube and are free services that don't clog up the user's mailbox and don't cost you any money on bandwidth or servers.


The videos that you use as part of your overall online marketing strategy should be short, effective, and attractive. Videos are effective because they catch the attention of the audience more effectively and quickly than text, images, or audio alone. Videos say a 1,000 words, and they help to communicate your business brand and message in a highly effective manner. Another advantage that video marketing has over other forms of marketing is that it leaves a more lasting impression on the viewer. It gives you a chance to stand out from the rest of the crowd. When the viewer recalls your video they will be more inclined to want what you are offering.


The following tips will help you use video mail marketing effectively:


  • Keep your videos short. provides free video mail service up to 5 minutes in length, a perfect length for your audience. No one wants to sit through a 30 minute YouTube video. If you have a topic that extends beyond 5 minutes, try breaking it up into a series of shorter videos. People will be more inclined to watch and will get a lot out of your videos if you provide them to your audience in small doses.


  • Use videos to educate the viewer. Discuss the industry and current topics, and discuss how your products and services address the market. Provide the benefits of your products, or the business opportunity you are offering. Video mail is helpful in making your prospects comfortable, and the points you make in your video about your products can be reinforced in an attached collateral document.


  • Always make sure that you focus on your topic and don't digress. This will ensure that your videos provide a lot of value to others. Make an outline, and perhaps a script, before you start recording your video. This will make it easier to stay focused on your topic.


  • Look straight into the webcam. The reason you are making the video is to connect with the viewer. You connect with them with the topic you choose, as well as the way you communicate on the video. Always remember when recording the videos that you are actually speaking to the other person, and the purpose of the video is to provide education or to solve their problems.


  • Call to action. The call to action on your video messages should be clear and concise. It is extremely important to communicate clearly to the viewer about what you want them to do after watching your video. When it comes to your call to action you shouldn't give the viewer a lot of options as it will just confuse them.


Video marketing, whether through free video mail, or hosting videos on a web site, is an extremely effective and important part of your online marketing strategy. Remember to keep your video brief, structured, and clear. Video marketing can strengthen your business messaging and communicate to your customers and prospects. Always demonstrate the value to the viewer, in others words show “what's in it for them”. Show the viewer how you can help solve their problems.


For step-by-step instructions, click here for free video mail.


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