Effective time management

Jul 11th 2010 at 11:40 AM

I don't know about you, but often 24 hours in a day isn't enough for me. What to do?

I try to do the following tips every day. (not always successful - but it's becoming a habit :-)

  Tip #1 Begin each day with a written list of three to five priorities. Ask yourself  "What three to five things, if I do them today, will most affect my bottom line? Write them down -- in order of importance. Then...

  Tip #2 Start with your top three to five priorities. Work each one through until it's done. Then cross it off and work on the next one. Completion is key. Resist the temptation to multitask. This builds momentum, a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. it always gives you motivation seeing them being ticked off.

  Tip #3 Start with your most important (or most difficult) task first. Generally people do the opposite: they put off the hard (and most important stuff) and get caught up in the time robbers, I know I do. This is a sure recipe for feeling overwhelmed. Start with the hard and once those "mountains" are out of the way, watch your day get easier!

  Tip #4 Group any time drain tasks together - Paperwork, checking e-mail, checking voicemail, surfing etc. Schedule 15 minute sessions to check these things. Although these tasks seem important (and some are) don't keep getting tangled up in them. Stick to your top three to five priorities.

  Tip #5 Before you go to bed, prepare your written list of priorities for the next day. You'll be more rested not having to worry about planning your day as you're trying to fall asleep. And in the morning, you'll be off to a running start.

Any one of these Keys will increase productivity, reduce stress and help you squeeze more out of your day. So go ahead and start right now, it helps me out - hopefully it will help you too..

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