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11 months ago

Effective Methods for SEO to Drive Free Website Traffic

Dec 11th 2010 at 10:48 PM

SEO is the perfect technique to build free targeted search engine traffic. After some time learning and practicing search engine optimization, I have now been enjoying search engine optimization success and lots and lotsa ton of free targeted web site traffic over the last few months. It wasn’t very hard, at least not after I knew what to do.

I want to now explain to you exactly what I did to create an ever growing stream of targeted search engine traffic for my online biz.

Over the past few months my traffic has exploded 10x, literally doubling or tripling each and every month. When I first made a decision to build a search engine traffic creating internet site, I figured that it might be best to learn the rules of search engine optimisation so I didn't make any fatal mistakes.

The whole process was not what I was expecting, and therefore I am glad that I took the time to find out what I was going to be attempting to do. What I learned was that there are three necessary sides of winning at the search sites.

These are choosing the best keywords to use for your internet site, creating a lot of original and fascinating content, and then after your website has an acceptable quantity of content, you'll want to build your link acclaim, thus giving your internet site credibility in the eyes of the engines.

It all begins with you keywords, they're the backbone to which your website will be built. Many individuals do not take some time to find low competition keywords, and therefore they finish up utilizing the same keywords that millions of other marketers try to use.

With millions of internet sites using a single keyword, what do you believe your chances of getting top ranking in search site results? As you can see, that'd be a nearly most unlikely thing to do.

But this is OK because if you do a little research you'll find hundreds and even thousands of related keywords that have much lower competition and can therefore be won rather easily at the engines. I recommend spending some good time developing long catalogues of moneymaking keywords that have good demand and low competition.

These keywords are what you may base your content off of, and the better you choose them, the better they'll perform. After you do have your keywords, you'll want to begin building small web pages for each keyword.

many people think that a single page should be filled with several keywords, but this could have limited results. It is best to make use of each keyword by itself page, therefore adding a large amount of content as well as giving each keyword the priority that it must get into the top 10 listings.

Building keyword targeted content pages should be an ongoing process, but once you have a good amount, most likely thirty pages or thereabouts you'll want to add in a third activity into yoursearch engine website building routine. This activity is equally critical because without it, the search sites may never ever know that your website exists.

many folks believe you can just submit your internet site and the engines will begin to list it. This is simply not right. Search websites use link acclaim to decide what websites are deserving of inclusion. Inbound links are links pointing from other websites to yours.

There are 1 or 2 ways that you can raise your link recognition. You can exchange links with other web masters, you can utilize free and paid online directories, and you can even do bum marketing, something that I've found to be desirable.

take some time and build your internet site right to guarantee good ranking in search website, because when you do you may enjoy a constantly rising stream of carefully targeted traffic which you can monetize however you choose.

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