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I have a broad range of interest ranging from motorsports, to equestrian sports, cycling, and the arts. As for business, I am passionate about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, list building, viral traffic generation, and social media.
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Effective List Building Part 7: Invest in Relationships to Explode Your List

Apr 20th 2011 at 2:38 PM


Effective List Building Part 7

Assuming that you have been taking action on what I have been teaching in this series you now have the foundation of a great list! Once you have began too build your list of opt in subscribers you must consistently work to establish and strengthen your relationships. Building your list is the first step and managing your list effectively is how you convert your list into a stable businesses.

Segment Your List and Focus on Your Subscribers Needs

I highly recommend segmenting your list and make it your practice to send targeted emails to each segment of your list as well as more general messages that apply to your entire list. The classification each particular subscriber from unqualified prospect to loyal repeat customer and everything in between, your subscribers should feel that you are speaking to their specific needs.

Here are a few recommended categories in which you can classify your subscribers:

  • Unqualified Prospects
  • Qualified Prospects
  • Loyal Followers
  • New Customers
  • Loyal Customers
  • Former Customers (Subscribed but no longer buying)
  • Unsubscribed

Publish an E-zine to build Relationships

One of the best ways to build a strong relationship with your list is by consistently publishing an e-zine containing relevant, actionable content that adds high value for your subscribers. The format and frequency is up to you and I would recommend studying popular e-zines in your niche and strive to add something unique to your market.

Despite what others may suggest, it is perfectly fine to sell through your e-zine, just don’t become too promotional and make sure that each issue delivers extreme value and that any promotion that you include are congruent with the content contained in the e-zine. If you are an Internet marketer you cannot afford to be afraid to make offers, your list actually experts you to make recommendations of products and services that you believe will help them in their businesses.

Here are some great ways to add value through your e-zine:

  • Survey your readers to allow and allow them to express their biggest challenges, greatest opportunities or most pressing questions.
  • Include your subscribers questions and feedback in subsequent issues of your e-zine.
  • Make it easy for your subscribers to interact with you. Provide a link to a comment or contact form on your blog as an efficient metod of gathering comments and posting replies.
  • Acknowledge and reward your loyal e-zine subscribers. Provide them with free resources and tools to demonstrate that you value their relationship.

Educate with Emails That Sell

When you sit down to write a subscriber email be sure to add value first and sell second – this will demonstrate your authentic purpose to your readers and breakdown any resistance they may have to being sold. No one takes the time to opt into a list for the sole purpose of being endlessly pitched on products, services or opportunities. However, if you make it clear through the consistency of your messages that your desire is both to inform your list, make recommendation and share opportunities, you will simply be fulfilling the expectations you have set before them.

Here are some great ways to add value through your e-mail:

  • Provides tips and resources that will help your readers improve their business
  • Provide tips and resources that will help your readers make more money
  • Provide tips and resources that will help your readers solve big problems
  • provide tips and resources that will help your readers grow as individuals

Be selfless and discover your authentic voice when writing to your list. It is ok to be personal (in fact recommended) to be personal, again you are building a relationship. People buy from those they know, like and trust. By sharing a bit about your personal life, your aspirations, your challenges and accomplishments you will establish true relationships and lasting loyalty with those who have chosen to follow you.

I am here to help you succeed and achieve abundance in all aspects of your life!

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