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I have a broad range of interest ranging from motorsports, to equestrian sports, cycling, and the arts. As for business, I am passionate about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, list building, viral traffic generation, and social media.
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Enjoyed this mornings Affiliate Funnel conference and presentation by Carl Bailey ... the king of keeping it simple. Great perspective!

Effective List Building Part 6: E-zine Ad Marketing and Ad Swaps

Apr 20th 2011 at 2:34 PM


Effective List Building 6

Do you publish an e-zine? An e-zine is a web-based newsletter that is more highly designed to take on the appearance of a traditional magazine and it can be a powerful tool for building a list of loyal subscribers. Unlike auto-responder campaigns, your e-zine should be published less frequently, perhaps once or twice each month and should include information on topics beyond your business. This is the perfect format to share a little about your life in order to provide your reader with a chance to get to know you better.

E-zine ad swaps involve trading advertising exposure in your e-zine in exchange for exposure in another e-zine in your niche or a closely related niche. I recommend negotiating a direct swap making this a great free option although if the other publisher has a much larger distribution list, you may be asked to either pay a small premium or perhaps allow the other publisher two issues in your e-zine in exchange of one in theirs.

I recommend setting an objective to have two ad swaps for each issue you publish and closely monitor your opt in results by using a tracking link or promoting different pages in each e-zine. Continue to advertise in the publications that convert to opt-ins or sales and move away from those that do not. If you see traffic and opt-ins peak and begin to fall off assume that you have obtained maximum penetration of this list and begin looking for a replacement.

Focus more on building your brand and delivering value than making a sale. If you write ads that demonstrate your authority in your niche and give away a high value e-book, special report or auto in exchange for a name and email address from the reader. Keep in mind, you will have plenty of time to sell after the subscriber has joined your list, which of course if your objective.

Choosing Your Ad Swap Partners

Research e-zines in your market and trade up, meaning you should seek out better known publishers with larger list than your own.

You should choose a relevant e-zines with authority in sub-categories of your niche to partner with your ad swaps. The publishers should not directly compete with you, but be in a businesses that complement yours. By being strategic you will reach a targeted audience who are already engaged in your niche and ready to buy from you.

Most e-zines are archived online which means that the reach of your ad may grow overtime long after the campaign is complete. As a result, your ad swaps will continue to deliver traffic, build your list, and produce sales with no further financial investment.

There is a psychological key here that you must fully understand. Participating in As Swaps allows you to leverage the trust that your partner has established with his or her list as you are essentially being endorsed by the publisher. From the readers perspective, if you were not a trustworthy authority, the publisher would not be willing to promote you in the e-zine or recommend you to their list.

Trust is the basis of every mutually beneficial business relationship and it is often earned over time. By seeking first to ad value to your ad swap partners and their subscribers, you will develop true loyalty and earn the right to make recommendations of products and services that a large percentage of the list will accept and from that group many will buy.

Be patient in this process but do not wait too long to convert subscribers into buyers. You are continually training your list members with every ad you place and every e-mail you send, be sure to balance out the amount of free content you provide and the monetization offers you make as you grow your list.

How do you get started? I recommend a great set of resources by Charlie Page the editor of “Ezine Traffic Formula” get it free here and the creator of the “Directory of Ezines” membership site. These are both great resources for you to use to maximize this list building strategy. The first step is to make sure that your own e-zine is up to par – Charlie’s free book will help you to accomplish that. Then use his directory to find the best quality e-zines in your niche.

Directory of Ezines Badge Effective List Building Part 6: E zine Ad Marketing and Ad Swaps

Here is the link you will need to get started:

E-zine Traffic Formula Free Offer

E-zines can really jump start your online business and they are the perfect way for marketers without a large subscriber list to place their marketing or brand message in front of thousands of qualified prospects every month.

If you decide to implement this strategy I would love to hear from you. Feel free to post your question here as a comment so that others may benefit. Likewise, once you have executed on this strategy for a couple of months, come back and let me know how it is working for you.

I am here to help you succeed!

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P.S. Charlie’s book normally sells for $47 and your free download is instant!

E-zine Traffic Formula Free Offer

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