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eczema free forever - Calamine Lotion for Eczema

Jul 20th 2012 at 12:41 AM

Terms dermatitis, eczema and dermatitis are used synonymously. It refers to the abnormal condition of the skin, which is accompanied by irritation, redness, itching, hives, inflammation and symptoms lichenification. Eczema is a relatively common problem in children's haunted take 20% of it. Many of them grow with time, and about 10% of adult eczema. It can not be cured, but treatment with medication and lifestyle changes made to manage the symptoms of discomfort.

Eczema and calamine lotion

With a wealth of topical medications used to treat eczema on the market, selecting an effective cream or lotion is not so simple. Although it is best to consult a doctor before buying one of these topical formulations, calamine lotion is available on the counter product is safe, and can be obtained without a prescription. By using this topical preparation for a limited time without serious side effects. But you should not be for long term purposes without the supervision of a dermatologist.

Like other drugs, is the effectiveness of calamine lotion for eczema free forever book because of its chemical components. The main ingredients are zinc oxide and iron oxide, calamine. The zinc compound is used not only as a powerful antiseptic to fight infection, but it also helps to maintain skin hydration. Sun calamine helps keep skin soft and dry after use. Iron oxide is a main ingredient in mineral makeup, and the effect of improving skin tone.

Apart from the anti-itching, calamine lotion is useful to the pores of the skin for those who are down have very oily skin. However, many people are concerned about the change in skin color to pink after application of calamine lotion. In such a case for reliable products to check containing calamine, but not much pink shade. Most likely, the different chemical makeup calamine lotion true. Therefore make a point about the ingredients before buying go.

Those with atopic eczema in childhood are already familiar with pink calamine lotion. It is used for a wide range of skin diseases, especially those associated with severe itching. This lotion is always thin effective in relieving itching and rashes. But it is safe to use calamine lotion for eczema in babies? This formulation is good for the skin used on sensitive skin. However, its effectiveness can not be guaranteed for the treatment of eczema in babies is not.

Regarding the use of calamine lotion for the treatment of eczema is affected, and clean the affected skin surface with antiseptic soap and water. Pat dry with a clean soft cloth and avoid rubbing the skin. The point is not to irritate the affected skin at all costs. After that, put some lotion and apply it on the itchy spots in a thin layer. Repeated applications of calamine lotion, say 2-3 times a day, to fight against intense itching. Or, follow the instructions on the product are included.

For best results do not apply calamine lotion eczema, without cleaning the skin and avoid large quantities. These precautions are to prevent clogging of skin pores, which could cause other blackheads, acne or other skin problems. Last but not least, the direct effect of zinc oxides and iron for a longer period is not good for skin and overall health. Therefore, you solicit the help of a dermatologist in terms of options for long-term treatment of eczema.

Although treatment of eczema rashes and skin can be prevented to achieve a cure for eczema is ongoing. Part of the goal of treatment is to have all the prevention of allergies, sun exposure, certain foods and other factors that flare-ups. Therefore, monitoring changes in lifestyle, the self-care advice and medication, the question of the doctor suggested he manage eczema effectively.

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