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Ebay Marketing pt.1

Jan 15th 2013 at 7:06 PM

Ebay (Part ONE)

How many people do you know that order stuff online?Or how many times do you order online if you do it often then this will be a peace of cake for you.I sure you have heard of ebay the online place where you virtually buy anything have you ever thought of selling products on there?Have you ever considered waking up to have bids and items sold and money on its way to your paypal account?Now im sure your thinking its too time consuming well let me say from my personal experience it isnt! The first time i ever posted my first three items on a bod for 7days they sold the 4th day!Let me show ho to market effectively on ebay!


When selling on ebay try to sell items that are in brand new to mid condition a trick of mind is going to a thrift store called value village where they have vintage sweaters for a dollar brand new the person just gave them away you can i usually buy 10 that's $10's i sell each one for about $35-40 dollars they are all name brand if they sell you just made a 350 dollar profit to $400 depending on how you price this is just one example of items you can sell.



Try to be reasonable with your prices it is ebay even though there are people willing to buy your items you have to think if it isnt brand new and it's used if your selling it who would want to buy it and there are but the majority will not find priced item around $30 dollars to sell for doubled that or even $10 more you are making a profit anyway!



Try to bid a medium bid if your item is $10 bid 5 this way that you will still make half of  what your selling it for .Another key component is to make sure even though you are bidding you put a buy now price ill talk about that later! Try bidding between 3-7 any less is to short to attract people depending on the item and after a week its too long the key is you want to get rid of the item to place new ones especially if the seasons changing !

4 Buy Now! Make sure you always put a buy now price even tho you you are bidding if a person really want s to buy they will be able to do so right away make your buy now price higher then your bid to get your money's worth! Stay tuned for part two!


PS: Anyone interested in marketing on Ebay,Craigslist,,OR Amazon and need assistance just ask!

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