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Easy wireless detection more wisdom ignition detector

May 11th 2015 at 10:39 PM


Ignition system is normal or not, and death can take full advantage of the performance of gasoline engines, the ignition process inefficiency, Nissan adjustable Coilovers and not only likely to cause low engine horsepower, climbing weakness, fuel, and even vehicle broke down, and therefore the health of the ignition system checked regularly , it became the owner of the purse of the necessary work to save, as to how the inspections? Use of special detection equipment can easily get!

Ignition system is mainly divided into "distributor inventory Fire" and "direct ignition" two systems, the former used car models for the traditional design, the new generation of vehicles which have a system diagram is the former design, so you can see the blue color high-voltage wiring figure.

On the engine power output, the greatest impact oil and ignition, fuel supply system, although not as good as the operation of the ignition system is complex, but the ignition capability of the strength, ignition time control, timing precision moderation, even if the ignition system normal, everything related to the strength of the entire power output, but also because of this, even though the gasoline engine after a long time of change and improvement, and some parts have been abolished, but as long as the gasoline engine will certainly need the spark plug ignition, combustion of the mixture explosion pushes the piston, so that the ignition system is the key to an engine operating at stake is normal!

Ignition coil distributor inventory traditional fire systems installed in the distribution boards on the body, the advantage of low cost, simple design, the disadvantage is that the shortcomings prone to misfire at high speed, and clad in distribution boards, tend to have a cooling poor shortcomings.

In order to boost secondary ignition system in a manner sufficient to ignite the compressed joules of energy oil and gas, up to 20,000 volts or more high-voltage spark is a necessary condition for this purpose the entire system must be through the "ignition coil" (also known as ignition test ear) to the ignition voltage from the original 12 to 14.2 volts up to 20,000 volts of ultra-high voltage level, and then again through the "spark plug" perform final arcing motion. Since the ignition coil at very high temperatures for a long time close to the rocker cover the case, the case of electronic products will gradually aging ignition coils, ignition voltage drop, even Miss ignition of the situation will continue, on condition that the reaction occurs oil not normal, the engine horsepower decreased combustion chamber deposits, fuel, and even computer malfunction lights, Nissan R33 Coilovers a serious problem of vehicle broke down.

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