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Family ( 8 wonderful children, 3 grandbabies :o), Church( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), Internet Marketing, Work at Home Businesses, Outdoor Hikes and Swimming(tubing down the rapids!), Native American Art/Jewelry/Carvings, Cross Stitching and Glass Etching of First Nation Art Designs, Health and Nutrition, Raw Food and Juicing Benefits, Iaso Tea the BEST tasting tea and soooo good for keeping you regular! and it detoxifies and heals your body! Love life and the Creator who has blessed me with all I enjoy :o)
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===>I Challenge You To NOT Make Money With This!

Earning Income Online TOO Hard ??? TOO Time Consuming?? TOO Confusing?? Can't Recruit??

Dec 2nd 2010 at 6:45 PM

Read below how feels about this and see if you RELATE!


"Who are we and what is this all about?", is probably the first question on your mind.



First of all, let us explain why earning an income online is such hard work.


Too much competition!


Everyone and we mean everyone is doing what you are trying to do.

Build downlines, sell products, build websites and blogs for top Google rankings and lots more.

There are so many ways to earn money online, but the problem is not the amount of ways to earn, but that everybody is doing it, and that makes it so difficult for everyone.


It takes far too long and is far too hard to earn a good income online, and isn't the whole point of working online from home is so that we can give up the 9-5 and finally enjoy the good life?


There is only one sure way to earn a good online income. Do you know what it is?



Together Everyone Achieves More!


Stop struggling to promote a program and build a downline or sell a product. You may even be a great internet marketer, but the chances are that most, if not all of the people that you can bring into a program are not, and that is no good for anyone, including you who is doing all of the hard work.


At, we build the team before we join the program. That way we can easily fill downlines for our members instantly and without the need for any sponsoring or referring by any of them.


"But what about those members that come in last?", you may wonder.



We have targets of 3,000 new members. Every time we hit the next 3,000 new members we allow a 48hr window for that group to join our team program, before we remove the join link from our website and build our team again to the next 3,000 new members.


Once we hit the next 'new member' target, again we allow that group to sign up into the same team program, which builds downlines for those that got in last the previous time. Easy, huh!


And what effort do we need from our members?

Just to sign up when we open the 48hr window as soon as we hit our 'new member' target. That is it!


Our members do not need to sponsor or

promote or refer anyone to our team at all.



Because we have a team of top internet marketers with years of experience and huge lists who do all the building of this team for our members. That means that all you need to do is just sit back and relax and just wait for our email advising when we have hit our 'new member' target, so that you can sign up and reap the lovely benefits.


Yep! It really is as easy as that!


If you happen to join in the bottom of this group, then just wait for our next group of members to sign up under you and they will build your downline for you.


Yep! Again, it really is as easy as that!


If you feel you want to speed up the process quicker get the pro level from the link below:

and see your $40K sooner!



Building Downlines is VERY HARD!

You need to firstly build it and then HOPE 
that your downline do the same!

No Wonder 95% of People Fail Online!

So, do yourself a HUGE favor and join 
3,000 other members who are getting
the professionals to build their downlines
for them.

They build huge groups and launch them 
into the same team program, building 
INSTANT DOWNLINES for their members...

...and the first group 3,000 members launched

Dec 1st 8am EST - link to join is only live for 48 hours!

That will be Dec3rd 8am EST

Then when the next 3000 members are recruited

they will launch again for 48 hours again!

DO NOT MISS these amazing events!

Be there at the start and sit back
while they build YOUR downline for you!


If you do have a massive need to promote us then who are we to stop you? You can use the link below:






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Jun 11th 2014 at 11:25 PM by WallpapersWithQuotes
i think its same story over and over again by different people and the link is not working
Feb 29th 2012 at 7:11 PM by TimRR
looks good
Jun 2nd 2011 at 3:14 AM by Anne78

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