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Earn Revenue Share From Social Network

Jul 10th 2010 at 3:45 AM

"What Is People String ???"

People String is known as are Social Portal. It is the new wave in relationship and social communities; it has the Creativity, Culture, Expressive Forums and places to meet new people and network. People String make money from own program & get paid by advertising program like Google Adsense, gWallet, Offpal Media, Mochiads, CJ etc.
People String then shares 70% of the profits they receive from these companies with people like you and me to do various activity like earn people points, make people dollar offers, watch video, get cash back shop online, refer new member, chatting, blogging, playing games etc.
The ‘other’ social sites like Facebook,Twitter,Myspace etc. keep all of the money for themselves and never give any to their users. They are making millions off of your actions and keeping it all.Just like Facebook or Twitter, People String is 100% FREE, NO START UP COST & NO MONTHLY FEE.


Is People String a scam?

  • Through a few research & learn about People String, this site is definitely not a scam even some of folk out there still confuse how this thing work. Well, they have support forum & some proof of other member make extra cash.Imagine you can do the same thing.

How do I get paid?

  • You can get paid through either Alert Pay or Direct Deposit after you reach $25 minimum cash out.

Will I get rich doing this?

  • No, but you will gain extra income and generate a cash flow for you. Wouldn't it be nice to pay off that internet bill, or buy new stuff with your extra money? Who would turn down an extra $25-$100 or more a month? The cool thing is YOU DON'T HAVE TO PUT ANY MONEY INTO IT AT ALL TO MAKE MONEY. There are ways to gain even more income through referrals system. As are free member you make 5% what direct your strings make and 2% of 5 additional level strings make so it is very possible to make a lot more??



I just wanted to share with you a few ways to get started on this site and how to earn some income.
First thing you want to do is sign-up using the click-able banner. After you complete sign up & confirm you email. First time login to you member site,your will seen Hot Deal page as start up page. Just click Continue Home.

  • Go to People String Settings in your Settings drop menu below the Notifications tab. Make sure all of your information is correct.
  • Fill out you Alert Pay acc.(sign up free if don't have one yet) & the Tax Information Form, in order to receive payments this form must be filled out completely with real information(W-8BEN for non-US citizen.)
  • Then you want to set up People String as your homepage to get familiar with the site & ensure you use the site everyday.
  • Connect PS With you Facebook and earn $0.10. You can post status from People Sting that will go through to your Facebook News Feed & can figure out who's don't join you string yet.



There are a few way to make money with People String that will earn you "micro-dollar". So you have to reach minimum $25 cash out to get paid.


People Points = Ad Share & Search

To acquire a share of the income each month, you want to obtain people points. These points determine how much of the share you get. So the more points you get, the more money you receive.

  • Log in/out = 10PP
  • Do a search in the Google Search box. A new page will open for your search results. Close that page.Refresh your People String homepage by clicking on Home. = 10PP
  • Log into your People String Mail.A new page will open for your search results. Close that page. Click Home. = 10PP
  • Click on the “Mailbox Cashbox” icon in the middle of the page to check your current deals. Click Home. = 10PP
  • Click on any Shopping category. Click on any store(Green “Shop Now” button). The store page will open in a new window. Close store page after it opens. Click Home. = 10PP

*You can repeat every 6 hrs/day = 4 x 50PP = 200PP X 30 = 6000PP/month.

  • The more you use the site the better.For example: watch PS member video, chatting, visit forum, playing game, update status, go to webinar etc. You will earn more People Points before start play People Lotto & Prize Wheel game( Normal = 10PP-35PP, sometime this activity really work). You also have change to earn $1-$100 to spin the wheel if you lucky enough.


People Dollars

Another source of income is doing People Dollar deals! People Dollars and People Points are different! 100 People Dollars = $1.00 while People Points have no definite amount to them.
Whenever you sign in, you are directed to the Hot Deals page where you can make a couple of cents/dollars. Sometime you only get a few free offer per month. Here are some examples;

  • Watch a video = $0.02-$0.04 cents
  • Install a toolbar = $0.10 cents
  • Take a survey = $0.20-$0.96 cents
  • Install applications = $0.10-$0.40 cents (uninstall if you don’t like it)
  • Do free trials (Netflix offers $8.00 to do a free trial and just cancel after 3 days)
  • Sign up for some free newsletters = $0.10 cents
  • Install games = $0.20 cents (uninstall if you don’t like it)


MAILBOX-CASHBOX [ Only available for U.S & Canadian Referrals ]

I don't know how much money & postal mail you will get from here bcoz i'm international member. Here a tips after read some thread from PS forum.

How to Get your Super Code to Qualify for MailBox-Cashbox?
After you have completed the 30 Questions to Start Earning Money Survey in your Mailbox-Cashbox fax over a proof of address such as a utility bill or cable bill to:

Fax # 732-741-2842

Please make sure that you write your People String Username on this bill.
Also, send an email to after you have sent the fax and they will email you back your super code. Copy the code and paste it where it says “Enter your code” under the All Deals tab. This will activate your Mailbox-Cashbox account and you will earn $1.50 in your Lifetime Earnings.(also $0.50/direct referral)

*NOTE that they send are your super code via your People String email address. If you don’t have a bill with your name and address on it, then fax over a copy of your drivers license or state id; just make sure it matches the address that’s on your People String account.


Cash Back Shopping

You can also get cash back using the People String online shopping. You can see some of your favorite stores like Walmart, Motorola etc. that offer you a percentage of your cash back! The best part you also earn money if some of you direct or far away stringer shopping after they get cash back money.


Reward String

Reward String is the gaming platform for People String. Social Gaming & Mobile Apps developers will pay you to play and beta test their new releases. The more you play, the more you’ll earn cash & gifts  while playing they new games & trying mobile apps. Through Reward String you are able to monetize your earnings from the games you play.


Referral System

The best way to make money here get Referrals no matter they are you friend,family or even stranger. As are free member you make 5% what direct your strings make and 2% of 5 additional level referral.
Here are example potential income if you & your referral only earn $10/month (personal earning).

  • $10 (your personal earning)
  • $10 X 10 level 1 referral           = $100 X 5%           = $5
  • $10 X 100 level 2 referral         = $1000 X 2%         = $20
  • $10 X 1000 level 3 referral       = $10000 X 2%       = $200
  • $10 X 10000 level 4 referral     = $100000 X 2%     = $2000
  • $10 X 100000 level 5 referral   = $1000000 X 2%   = $20000
  • $10 X 1000000 level 6 referral = $10000000 X 2% = $200000
  • TOTAL INCOME                                                      = $222235/month


Just refer 10 active people & they refer 10 active people to 6 level deep, you'll start seeing growth in your money if you do so.All you need to succeed is PATIENCE. It will take at least a month or more for you to earn your first online payment. Always remember, there is no such thing as easy money. You have to work for it. But not really working hard but working smart coz People String are really easy and no skill required. All you need to do is click, view, earn and get referral.

Please to comment
Nov 7th 2010 at 2:46 AM by pauluzmartine
Thnx for comment G.T & KFGEORGE If you already on PS, hope ur add frenz with me.. :)
Nov 6th 2010 at 8:43 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Pauluz: Thank you for posting all of this interesting info on making money with Social Networking. GT :-)
Jul 17th 2010 at 7:10 PM by kfgeorge
Nice presentation of Peoplestring. I love it and really enjoy the convenience of the links on the main portal.

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