Hello Faceplaters :) It's nice to be back and making money online. Have never been so excited since before some HYIP ran away with my money. I rediscovered JBP after 2 years.

Driving Traffic

Mar 26th 2011 at 5:39 PM

This subject is very close to my heart because it is the reason I am still here at IM Faceplate.

Out there people tend to give conflicting statement and contradict each other, sometimes using strong language and almost radiculing each other. For newbies this can be very confusing.

Every week you hear of the latest and best way of driving traffic that would make you a millionare almost over night. if is not a teenager then it is some homeless person who stumbled upon something amazing and everybody then floods our inbox with hype emails.

My suggestion is very simple. Just find a method that suits your skills level and your liking, stick to it and give it your best shot. If you enjoy writing and that comes natural to you then knock yourself and write as many articles as you like and post them wherever you can. Most importantly, have a way of measuring your success such as ad tracking so that you can focus your attention on the most responsive source that give you quality traffic.

I am a programmer by training and I can spend hours on end in front of a computer designing whatever solutions and doing research. Now that I found internet marketing, I really enjoy Traffic Exchanges and PTC sites. I was introduced to them by a kind person who was not selfish with information. Unfortunately I could not sfford his program due to financial constrains (broke not poor). The treasure i had from that experience was Traffic exchanges , Safelists and Forums such as IM Faceplate.

My latest wonder baby is a PTC site with highly converting banner advertising program called Two Dollar Clicks. This works for me and it is cost effective as well. I have been suprised that i am getting in all of my affiliate programs. Those who do not notify me of new affiliates I have to discover myself later because it is almost becoming a job to do so. I am not complaining just trying to persuade you to check this tools.

Lastly , i would like to say that if you are looking for christian, you go to church and moslem are mostly found at the mosque. If you are looking for potential affiliates go to the relevant places sell yourself.

Happy hunting.

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Apr 5th 2011 at 11:23 PM by jakaroomba
WOW, I am trilled at this tool called Two Dollar Clicks. This thing pumps referrals to all my programs on regular basis, I highly recommend it. I am particularly impressed by the numbers in response to Alertpay banner. This is very close to my heart because such respondents are 95% newbies. Need I say more ?!:)

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