Drama God! 3-0 to 3-3 pull God look silly Tigers Countdown Behind his humiliation Wenger

Nov 15th 2015 at 7:54 PM

Arsenal football stadium within 90 minutes to experience the sorrows and joys are two different worlds, stoppage time opponents tied it impossible to drop points ahead of qualifying, could not bear to look directly at the sidelines of Wenger, Walcott also look was scared eyes sluggish. NEW YORK, Nov. 5 report: football stadium sorrows and joys are two different worlds, all the experience within Arsenal 90 minutes. 60 minutes before the show is the Gunners goal after 30 minutes but lost the next three goals to make tens of thousands of people stunned the Emirates Stadium. Originally bench talking 'little tigers' Walcott et al whole perplexing, Ramsey will head deeply buried in the turf, Wenger is also on the sidelines Behind his hand, so that the performance of what face surface for the home fans? Arsenal before the FIFA 16 game after one hour 30 minutes after the contrast of how much? With 'Telegraph' name in mind Wilson's words sum up is:. 'One hour before Wenger's ultimate team is so confident, with smooth, precise shot, let the fans see very pleasant after, quietly, Arsenal began collective tension, Anderlecht is like two weeks ago that support reversing their arsenal as brave, the last dramatic script, can not help reminiscent of that 4-4 gunman's FIFA 16 game against Newcastle. 'turning point was the Belgian internationals Vanden Borre when two goals, scored the first ball Belgians, Arsenal began to tense up, Front began recycling, also give the opponent the ball, but it did not prevent a short circuit like Monreal restricted area within the foul. Had shot the last round FIFA 16 game against Arsenal at fifa 16 coins the front post Vanden Borre, also broke the eight FIFA 16 games in the Champions League without scoring achievements on the field 73 minutes into the two goals. While Vanden Borre played 22 FIFA 16 games before the Champions League match, Anderlecht never win over, but Arsenal's goal was to stay three points at home, unable to take only a draw to qualify ahead of the outcome of course is disappointing. The last time the camera repeatedly to the bench and looked solemn Wenger and the FIFA 16 players bench, but too conservative and nervous, or in 90 minutes Arsenal lost the ball, the Emirates Stadium is shrouded in disappointment and frustration. Seems to be the turn away magical reversal of fortune has been overdrawn gunmen from the end of the FIFA 16 game when you have entered the countdown three minutes turned into a 1 point. Arsenal 3-0 in 2002 after becoming Liverpool lost the next three goals of Basel, the second leg 3-0 at home ultimate team can not win the Champions League. After the sixth Anderlecht goal into the audience, the venue only visiting FIFA 16 players in celebration, while Arsenal FIFA 16 players spent whole. Head down speechless FIFA 16 players on the field, on the bench Wenger Behind his hand can not bear to look directly at the stadium, Walcott is empty eyes looked sluggish. Arteta also criticized the ultimate team after the FIFA 16 game: 'We can not afford such mistakes, drop points because the ultimate team performance is not good enough this is a very disappointing night, we did not advance to ensure a strong qualifying tonight 16. We will all messed up, I did not play we should have standards and performance. The only lucky that we still have two opportunities to achieve (promotion) objectives. 'tower ultimate team did not say yes, but fortunately there is no extra time in the Champions League group stage or a penalty shootout, or after 30 minutes Arsenal's performance, then I am afraid that the act can not hold one minute.

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