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Dr. Charles Livingston Fat Loss Factor review- Why women need not be afraid of muscle mass?

Nov 8th 2013 at 3:39 AM

Dr. Charles Livingston Fat Loss Factor review- Despite the fact that every day in the media admire vital, lean and strong women in music, film, sports, politics, etc.., It is still most women are very skeptical and afraid to train to gain muscle mass. As a coach often hear questions like, Do I thereby gaining huge muscles?

I gain muscle very quickly and I do not want to get too muscular and "inflated!" I would like to acquire a tone.Because it seems to me unreasonable to argue for the above-mentioned arguments,Dr. Charles Livingston I will mention only the facts.Women need to train smart.Must specify and identify your goals (health, body composition), and train in the direction that these objectives dose┼żejo.Pri most women who train properly, can be almost obtained for each kilogram of lean body mass lose a pound of fat.

These changes are achieved not only make you look better, but you also looked fantastic.If your goal is fat loss, should be your priority muscle gain.If not, your only solution to an extremely strict diet and interval training. If you choose this route, it is important to reduce energy intake to compensate for a drop in metabolism, which declines with age.

Nevertheless, a small muscle mass associated with accelerated aging and a number of serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, increased risk of bone fracture, incorrect posture, frequent colds, bad mood or depression.Body composition and hormonal response to trainingMisconception of women gaining muscle mass is that it will gain too much muscle mass. Looking from the physiological point of view, that women obtain muscle mass in the same way as the male. this is of course impossible, because they have too much self-testosterone (male sex hormone).Where men train hard and lift heavy weight, to achieve that will be released after training large amounts of testosterone.

This does not happen in women. Women have 15 to 20 times less testosterone than men, and all studies have failed, they wished to show changes in the amount of testosterone in women relaxed after a workout.weight loss programThe good thing about weight training for women is that if you train intensively enough, you will be released growth hormone, which is the most important factor in burning fat. It also will help you gain muscle mass, but it has a much smaller effect on the muscle compared to fat burning.

What many women do not realize is that when they have been training with weights to gain a little muscle, become stronger, and the most gratifying fact, eliminate the fat covering the muscles. This will look like a strong and lean. And these muscles are great antidote to the accumulation of extra fat that accumulates with age.

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