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Don't throw the Baby out with the bathwater

Jul 4th 2010 at 8:17 AM

Don't throw the Baby out with the bathwater By George Kyros

Every day new people join a , You are one of them.

Before long you have invested money in several must - have propositions. They can range from FREE leads ,to FREE websites, to FREE guaranteed  money - making ideas. Then there are all the affiliate sites.

Before long you are so confused you don't know which way to jump, and in the meantime all this 'FREE' has somehow been eating up your bank account balance.

There are 'monthly fees' being deducted from your account, and you aren't even sure what these fees are for, or what services you are actually getting in return.

Do you remember when almost everything was priced at $9.99 or $99.00 or $999.00?

Have you noticed a new phenomenon which seems to be exclusive to internet marketing?


You receive an email offering you a FREE membership in the latest you - beaut '" fair-dinkum money making opportunity That is going to give you a 7 figure income within a year.

The membership is FREE, but to download the details you send just $27.00 and receive your new business which is actually worth $97.00 in an email.

But wait!

While you still have your credit card in your hand, you've just paid for the basic business, so here is a special offer, 'JUST FOR YOU' this one will give you all sorts of extra advantages for just another $279.00!and if you don't take advantage of this incredible offer RIGHT NOW you will never see it again. (Well, at least not until the next mailing.)

Some will even try to up that price for another 'limited' 'gold 'or 'platinum'

Membership offer for just ????? I don't know, another higher figure, but you can bet it will have a 7 in it!

Finally, like most 'newbies' ( See, you even know the jargon by now,) YOUQUIT!


You're about to throw the baby out with the bathwater!It's time for change!

All the time and money you have invested, has also given you knowledge of the pitfalls within the industry.

Okay, let's trim off some deadwood. You probably don't need that FREE website that has earned you nothing, but is still costing you $27.00 per month.Cut it, it's gone.

Go through your monthly membership charges.

Hey here's one for $97.00 a month that you are paying to a self proclaimed Guru, for him to send you a regular email teaching you something you have already learned by yourself.

Oh! And there is the inevitable, 'special offer' at only $47.00, for something that is really worth $97.00! You don't need it!

This guy is making 7 figures a year, and now you know how!

Be honest with yourself, you never believed that you would be making $50,000.00

a month did you? In fact if you could make $10,000.00 or even $5,000.00 a month I suspect you

would be happy.It is possible to make this sort of money  and more, regularly.

So here is what I want you to do.

Get out all those E books you downloaded and read them all again. (Or maybe even

for the first time) There is valuable information in them.

Armed with all this knowledge and experience you now have your own Guru. You have YOU.

Go through all the other products you have signed on for, and pick out your primary one.

This should be a top tier opportunity that pays a substantial commission. (3 to 5 of these a month would be nice.)

Pick maybe one other as your secondary product, and finally select a small amount of the better affiliates. People you are already doing business with,( like your auto responder for instance.) That way you'll get something back from them!

Cut your losses and get rid of everything else.

Ignore all future opportunities and focus on just these.

Phew, now you can really focus, you have rid yourself of all that mental clutter.

Now, think how much easier it would have been for you, if someone had given you all this advice before you started.

So your next step is, share all this knowledge. Why? Because that's what leaders do.

Become a leader and offer to help all the other ' newbies ' before they do what you almost did.

Throw the baby out with the bathwater!




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Aug 12th 2010 at 4:47 AM by DavidHodges
Amen George, You nailed it.

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